Opening in London’s South Kensington in spring 2022, the Other House features Club Flats with access to Amazon and Deliveroo lockers, a restaurant, bar and screening room. Jenny Southan reports

The Other House pitches itself as a “residents’ club” that sits somewhere between a hotel, serviced apartment and private home rental. Guests can stay for as little as one night or as long as one year.

“Club Flats” all feature kitchenettes and staff will even stock fridges with guests’ Ocado grocery orders.

There will also be luggage storage, Amazon and Deliveroo lockers, a restaurant, bar, screening room, fitness studio and members’ club – plus a directory of recommended local personal trainers, chefs and babysitters.

From Globetrender’s perspective it sounds like an upmarket co-living concept. We speak to founder Naomi Heaton to learn more…The Other House

What inspired you to launch the Other House?

“Our journey to the Other House started almost a decade ago, inspired by trendspotting within the London residential market. As owner and CEO of property company London Central Portfolio, which specialises in the long-stay rental sector, it became clear that our clients were looking for something that didn’t quite exist.

“There was a marked shift to renting smaller units as people sacrificed space for location so they could be where it’s all happening. Next came an increasing desire for stylish aspirational interiors and, more recently, an expectation of services on demand.

“I realised that our tenants were looking to combine their sense of place and home making with access to fa hotel-style service – you could say the ‘hotelisation’ of a residential offer. On the other hand, we could see that whilst the hotel market often excelled on providing service, they fell down on place making and a sense of belonging.

“That’s when we first recognised the need for a new look at the hospitality market. We conceptualised the Other House through a residential lens rather than a conventional hotel perspective to create a ‘residents club’, fusing the best of both offers.

“Think hotel meets private members club – for any length visit, whether it be a night or a year. We are reinventing how people stay, providing a renewed sense of place, ownership, and engagement with spaces that enhance the overall guest experience.

“Consumers are now looking for flexibility, style and greater personalisation but are also starting to embrace responsibility and slow travel. The pandemic has made us more mindful of our choices and is undoubtedly changing how we travel, and the Other House is paving the way for this new era of smart travellers.
We are truly creating a second home for our residents for as long as they are in town.”The Other House

Why is it innovative?

“The Other House is a UK-first that will disrupt the traditional sectors of hotels, serviced apartments, and private rentals. We are combining apartment-style living with hotel-style facilities, whatever the length of stay, so that guests have the flexibility to live, work, relax, stay with us, exactly as they would in their own home.

“Residents will have their very own Club Flat, each cleverly designed to maximise space usage with a separate living area and bedroom, and a kitchenette for cooking or entertaining. Additionally, we have a private Member’s Club with bars, spa and gym for our residents and members to relax in, private meeting and dining rooms – and, for when they want to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere, a destination bar and street café.

The Other House app, intelligently designed with connectivity and the customer journey in mind, will break new ground in the industry. We know that guests are increasingly digitally savvy, and they want to be in control of their stay but also, post-pandemic, to limit physical touch points.

“Through our app, residents can organise all aspects of their stay – from calling the lifts and accessing their flat, to restaurant reservations, check-out and settling the bill. However, for those who do prefer the personal touch, our friendly and knowledgeable House Jacks are always there to help.”The Other House

How does booking work?

“We want to give residents the tools and the space to organise and manage life their way so they can also book as they choose, whether through our website – which launches in early 2022 – or through our app. Residents will have their own unique login so they can access all details of their current, upcoming, or past stays and keep track of what’s going on in the House during their visit.

“Residents can book one of our Club Flats, designed by the award-winning Bergman Design House, for any length of stay – there is no minimum requirement so they can come for a day or a year or more. Whether they’d prefer the views from our lofty Club Turret, or relax in one of our characterful Club Vaults, we cater for everyone.”

How is it different to a normal hotel or serviced apartment that you could book for a month or more?

“It will look and feel completely different. With our Club Flats, we are providing that sense of place that’s so often missing from hotels, and access to bars, restaurant and spa facilities that are rarely available in serviced apartments and residential offerings.

“Because we want our residents to be able to stay as flexibly as possible, we’re also offering a range of facilities to support their lifestyle. For example, our unique storage facilities enable guests to leave their possessions safely and securely with us whilst they leave us to travel, or visit family for a few weeks, and then it’s all waiting for them on their return.”

How does the pricing work?

“Specifics will be determined over the coming months as the market quickly evolves out of the pandemic crisis but the average room rate per night for short stays is currently anticipated to be around £250 with reduced rates the longer a resident stays.”

Who is your target market?

“The Other House will provide a unique environment for business and leisure travellers seeking flexibility, style, and a sense of belonging during their stay in central London. It will be a club of likeminded people – independent, smart travellers looking to live and feel like a local, rather than a tourist who believe in making a positive social and environmental impact and wanting experiences to remember. They are all on different journeys but know where they want to be.”

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