This winter, for one night only, up to four people will be able to rent the original house from Home Alone on Airbnb – complete with booby traps, junk food and Chicago’s finest pizza. Jenny Southan reports

Suggesting that movie-themed festive stays are becoming a trend (the Grinch’s cave has also come up for rental), this year, the house from the classic 1990 Christmas film Home Alone will be available to rent via Airbnb.

Timed with the launch of the new Disney+ Home Sweet Home Alone movie, four people will be able to stay in the family home for just US$25. (It’s not a contest, as such, so the reservation will be first come, first served.) Bookings open on December 7 for a stay on December 12, 2021.Home Alone houseGuests will be greeted on arrival by actor Devin Ratray, who played Buzz, the older brother of Kevin McCallister (the main character in the movie). “You may not remember me as particularly accommodating,” Buzz is quoted as saying in a press release.Home Alone house“But I’ve grown up, and I’d be happy to share my family home – my pizza, even – with you this holiday season. Just try not to let my tarantula, Axl, loose this time.”Home Alone houseOther perks include booby traps, aftershave and a mirror to scream into, Chicago’s finest pizza, a candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and a viewing of the film franchise’s newest holiday adventure, Home Sweet Home Alone, on Disney+.Home Alone houseApparently, a member of the McCallister family security team “will ensure a comfortable stay for you and your family, including showing you around, arranging meals and gifting you with a LEGO Ideas Home Alone set to take and build at home”.

Buzz says: “We may all be older and wiser now, but we’re never too old for holiday hijinks. So this year, spend the holidays not-so-home-alone at my parents’ house.”

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