Hong Kong’s Paperclip Design has come up with an innovative, ultra-luxury first class airline concept that can be customised with living rooms, bedrooms and even bunk beds for kids. Jenny Southan reports

The last time first class got a major overhaul was the launch of Etihad’s Residence back in 2014, and with news that the Middle Eastern airline may never again fly its superjumbo A380s (on which the Residence was installed) because they are too hard to fill, it seems there is a huge gap in the market for a revolutionary product for the world’s richest flyers.

Responding to this, Paperclip Design has come up with an entirely new concept for first class, which gives airlines a choice of configurations based around the way space is used in the nose of a twin-aisle plane.

The company says: “Peacock is a single aisle configuration that fits wide-bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 777, comprising of a semi-circular space on each side of the cabin, Y-shaped converging aisles, and a diamond-shaped twin lavatory.”Peacock, Paperclip DesignEach semi-circlular room would be divided in two with adjoining doors, giving four spaces that could function as living rooms or bedrooms. They could be fitted with extra-wide seating and an ottoman that fits up to four people; a drop-down bunk bed for kids, and a double bed for a couple.Peacock SuitePeacock Bunk Bed On arrival from the front of the plane, passengers would be guided past the galley and into a spacious central foyer. Instead of doors there would be full-height curtains screening off the suites, for privacy, and each of the two semicircular suites would also have access to its own washroom. (There is no sign of a shower though.)Peacock Suite Peacock Suite Peacock SuitePaperclip Design says: “Peacock is about bringing back the romance of air travel – the shared experience. A double-wide couch and ottoman, face-to-face dining and bunk beds are all for people to enjoy the company of close friends and family.

“Whether for an individual or a family, Peacock is about providing a homey private retreat, with gorgeous views above the clouds, a comfortable sofa, spacious beds and generous storage.”Peacock SuiteRenderings show interiors that look more like hotel rooms or the luxurious set-ups found on customised private jets. They are also homely, with pot plants, books, magazines, freestanding lamps and wardrobes giving a residential feel. You could almost forget you were flying at 35,000ft.Peacock Suite Peacock Suite Peacock SuitePaperclip says that one of the main selling points of Peacock is the fact that airlines could choose how to use the spaces.

At the most they could accommodate eight people in four private salons but Peacock could also host two couples, each with their own bedroom and living room, or two families with kids, or just one luxury VIP/family who has access to all areas.Peacock Suite Peacock Suite The company explains: “Peacock has the ability to transform into more economical products to increase load factor when necessary. The flexibility makes it a less risky investment for airlines.

“From premium-economy family rooms to an ultra-exclusive private residence, the business case of Peacock lies in expanding the reach of the product to a much wider spectrum of customer profiles. It allows valuable floor space to be more efficiently for a faster return on investment.”

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