In partnership with Moss Wellness Consultancy, King’s Mansion has designed six Ayurveda-inspired wellness programmes, using genetic analysis for hyper-personalisation. Olivia Palamountain reports

King’s Mansion in northern Goa, India, will be an “integrative” wellness destination as lavish as its name suggests when it opens later this year, combining “evidence-based, scientific research with Ayurvedic medicine and innovative holistic wellbeing”.

The hotel-spa is building on the trend for Immortality Retreats – as identified by Globetrender in our 2020-2025 Future of Luxury Travel report and since amplified by the pandemic – with an offering of six programmes that prioritise immunity and healing.

Moss Wellness Consultancy, the team behind international brands including Clinique la Prairie and Four Seasons, has developed a menu that includes Detox, Sports Science and Movement, Medical Aesthetics, Weight Management and Revitalisation. Programmes range from seven to 21 days in length, with the option to extend also available.Specialising in ultra-personalised (DNA samples will be taken in advance) and results-focused experiences, King’s Mansion has engaged specialists across the globe, including famed Ayurvedic physicians and notable genomics institutes to ensure its wellness retreats have the expert seal of approval.

With the world’s wellness lens now firmly focused on immunity, the first two programmes to be launched target detox and rejuvenation through “Ayurgenomics”.

An innovative combination of genomics, a highly personalised, evidence-based and scientific genetics analysis, and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of predictive and preventative medicine focused around Prakriti, this integrative approach is unique to King’s Mansion.King's Mansion, GoaShodhana and Kshipra Shodhana, both detox programmes, will offer eight- and 14-night programmes respectively, focusing on detoxing and the Path of Cleanse.

Both programmes will offer pre-arrival genomic testing to determine any pre-existing health conditions or predispositions: the findings of which will dictate the focus of the guests’ daily activities, including consultations with the in-house Ayurvedic doctor; prescribed 90-minute Ayurvedic treatments; and consultations with the in-house nutritionist.

Guests will also benefit from one results-focused facial therapy and two body treatments during their stay, along with daily activities, including yoga, evening lectures, meditation, and workshops to help build the foundations of a new, balanced lifestyle.King's Mansion, GoaRasayana will offer guests a seven-night programme, focusing on rejuvenation and the Path of Essence.

This programme will also include the pre-arrival genomic testing with daily consultations and treatments, but will additionally feature daily LED infusion therapy using a patented compound created specifically for King’s Mansion guests.

This innovative therapy combines infusions with LED laser technology, said to offer improved benefits (when compared against standard light therapy), faster results and deeper penetration.

For the first time, effects such as anti-inflammation and cell regeneration, can be activated up to 120mm deep – compared to the typical depth of approximately 5mm to 10mm.King's Mansion, GoaRasayana guests can also opt for daily private meditation sessions with an expert local instructor.

Guests opting for Shodhana, Kshipra Shodhana and Rasayana will be welcomed to King’s Mansion with a traditional Ayurvedic arrival ceremony, preparing them for a tailored programme rooted in Ayurveda and holistic wellbeing.

All programmes at King’s Mansion will be supplemented by a personalised menu from the Executive Chef, soon to be announced, and will stay in their ultra-luxury suites, designed by Red Architects to act as an oasis within Goa. 

The remaining three programmes will be focused towards Sports Science and Movement, Medical Aesthetics and Weight Management, offering a more science-based approach whilst incorporating the LED laser technology to provide long-lasting results.

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