The Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar has launched ‘Skip-Gen’ retreats for grandparents and grandchildren. Gemma Harris reports

Known for leading the way in family wellness, the Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar has launched an intergenerational retreats that invite grandparents and grandchildren to share quality time away together.

Catering to the rising popularity of “Skip-Gen” travel, this new offering provides an opportunity for the Silver Generation and Gen Alpha/Z to bond.

In alignment with and embracing the philosophy of traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine, the retreat complements the existing programming at the family-focused Zulal Discovery centre.

General manager Heinrich Morio says: “We are delighted to see more and more families choosing Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som for their holidays and pleased to introduce this retreat dedicated to grandparents and their grandchildren.”Kids Treatment Zulal DiscoveryThe new retreat focuses on enhancing “emotional, physical, social and nutritional wellbeing” for both age groups. Regardless of age, the retreat “promotes connection through learning and enjoyment”.

“There is a heightened awareness of families spending meaningful time together. Many families now seek to share experiences and enjoy engaging activities together, and our family retreats at Zulal Wellness Resort offer the freedom to explore while creating memories,” explains Morio.

The experience begins with an initial consultation for the intergenerational group with a health and wellness advisor to determine and tailor how they can benefit best from their stay at the Zulal.

A two-night stay starts from £846 for double occupancy, and the first day includes a selection of family wellness activities, with walks in nature, card games, and arts and crafts. The concept of storytelling is encouraged throughout, fostering how traditions and heritage were once passed down through generations. The evening winds down with relaxing activities and meditation practices.

The second day welcomes age-appropriate spa treatments for both adults and children, such as foot soaks, massages, manicures and, pedicures and head massages. The grandparents have additional spa offerings with extras such as the signature Al Qadam Massage, herbal foot soaks and full body massages such as the Tadleek Massage.

Sessions for younger children focus on engaging in creative play, sensing and discovering. Meanwhile, there are more structured cognitive-based activities in place for older children, such as music, meditation and sports. In addition, interactive cooking sessions provide an opportunity for all to learn new recipes together.

“With this newly introduced intergenerational retreat, we focus on bonding, fulfilment, and enrichment to encourage the kids and their grandparents to spend precious time together in a peaceful, safe environment,” says Morio.

The package includes the initial consultation, three daily meals, a range of activities, family fitness sessions, spa treatments and full access to the resort’s hydrothermal suite for the adults, as well as a complimentary in-room wellness minibar.

“We expect the trend in family wellness holidays to continue, and we will continue to adapt our family wellness offerings to ensure guests leave Zulal Wellness Resort refreshed and reconnected,” concludes Morio.