To encourage flyers to pack less in their luggage, Japan Airlines is trialling a new “Any Wear, Anywhere” apparel rental service for inbound foreign tourists and business travellers. Jenny Southan reports

Would you be willing to borrow clothes for your work trip or vacation to allow you to travel lighter? Japan Airlines (JAL) believes that there is a market for apparel rental because the less heavy planes are, the less fuel they burn, and the lower the subsequent carbon emissions.

Japan Airlines’ “Any Wear, Anywhere” clothing sharing service will allow visitors to travel with minimal luggage because they will be able to rent outfits on arrival and have them delivered to their hotel.

How does it work?

  1. Visit the “Any Wear, Anywhere” reservation site.
  2. Select the clothing set that best suits the season and purpose of your visit to Japan.
  3. Enter your JAL flight booking number, the date of pickup and return of the clothing set, and information about the destination where you wish to pick up the clothing set, and make a payment.
 (Note: Reservations must be made at least one month in advance. In principle, the return date must be within two weeks of the pickup date.)
  4. Board a JAL-operated flight with less baggage.
  5. Pick up and return the reserved clothing set at your hotel.

With a mission to solve the problem of “fashion loss,” in which a global total of more than 20 billion garments are thrown away each year, Wefabrik will be providing clothes for the “Any Wear, Anywhere” service.

Ex-ELLE magazine editor Lotte Jeffs told Globetrender: “I would use the service if I could find clothes I liked. The fact that they have been worn by other people doesn’t bother me. I have used other clothing rental companies before for special events so it’s no different.”

Globetrender had a look at the inventory and found a wide selection of capsule wardrobes for both men and women (think tracksuits, denim shirts, T-shirts, trousers, suits, jackets and skirts) in a range of neutral and pastel colours.

You can select seasonal packs of three to four tops and two bottoms, or five to six tops and three bottoms, for prices ranging from ¥4,000 to ¥7,000 (£21-£38). The clothing looks like it might have been provided by Muji or Uniqlo (it’s that kind of “normcore” style.) Formal attire is not available.

The airline says that all clothing items available for rent will be obtained from excess stock of apparel and pre-owned clothing, thereby promoting the concept of a circular economy. “JAL will monitor changes in passengers’ checked-in baggage weight and verify the reduction effect of carbon dioxide emissions by reduced airplane weight due to use of the service.”

The year-long trial will take place between July 2023 and August 31, 2024. JAL partner Sumitomo Corporation will be responsible for developing the reservation system as well as for the procurement, laundering and delivery of clothes.