Virtual wellness portal Aujasya by the Leela offers a menu of video meditations, yoga classes and sound healing ceremonies that can be utilised post-stay. Olivia Palamountain reports

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts has launched the second pillar of its online wellness programme, “Aujasya by the Leela”, which promises results long after guests have checked out.

Created by Indian master healers and practitioners, the Aujasya site includes extensive examples of sound therapies, yoga and meditation exercises, extending the brand’s signature wellness programme beyond departure and on an unlimited basis.

Aujasya by the Leela is built around the two “Rs” of wellbeing – restore and renew. Aujasya (Hindi for “energy”) combines a unique blend of traditional and modern practices aimed at restoring the body (through food and nourishment) and renewing the spirit (through experiences in nature, Ayurvedic therapy, yoga and meditation).

The first pillar, “Restore” launched in late 2022 and focused on food and nutrition. This second installment is named “Renew-Mindfulness” and presents four segments designed to support a balanced mind and body: Maitri (Loving Kindness), Samskara (Inner Refinement), Ekaa (Being One) and Sukh (Mind and Body Balance).

Each segment consists of proprietary, thoughtfully-curated audio and video files offering guided meditation, sound healing and yoga.

Fancy giving them a go? The Leela has released a variety of videos, guided meditations and sound healings from Renew-Mindfulness to trial, including Yoga to De-Stress: Release Muscle Tension, Indian Classical Music for Emotional Wellbeing, Creating a Peaceful State and Living Fearlessly: Letting Go.

There is also a dedicated children’s section, which encourages younger guests to take mindful steps towards a happier and calmer future.

Examples include I Have Super Powers, an audio affirmation encouraging children to embrace their extraordinary and unique inner qualities and strengths, and Yoga for Tired Eyes, a yoga video to strengthen young eyes against the effects of screen time

This new platform highlights Leela’s holistic and innovative approach to wellness in the luxury space, opening up transformative practices so guests can experience the benefits of longer-term immersion to their bodies, minds and lifestyles.

Anjali Mehra, chief brand officer and senior vice-president of marketing for the Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts says: “The challenges of today’s world often lead to disruption in our lives. Through Aujasya by the Leela we have made a commitment to give control back to our guests and empower them to take informed choices towards prioritising their wellbeing.

“We hope this online platform will help bring a sense of calm, joy and balance to guests staying with us; and that those benefits can be maintained once they return home through continued access to our wellness programme.”