The Standard in London has converted one of its windowless bedrooms into a “deep listening” hub for recharging and rejuvenating during the day. Jenny Southan reports

The Retiring Room, as it’s known, is a sound installation conceptualised by A Right/Left Project. Launched on January 17 at the Standard, London, the experience will be available to select hotel guests until January 23, 2023.

Created by multi-sensory art project specialists Stephen Dobbie and Colin Nightingale (A Right/Left Project, creative associates of Punchdrunk) in collaboration with the award-winning musician and composer Toby Young, the deep listening experience will take place in one of the hotel’s windowless Cosy Core rooms. The Standard, Cosy CoreA bespoke immersive sound system by L-Acoustics, the leader in premium professional audio technologies, will fully envelop guests in the music, inviting them on a sonic journey.

Lasting just 20 minutes, the experience will provide guests with “an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life”. The Standard says it will incorporate “cutting-edge sound design” and “take inspiration from the body’s natural circadian cycle and a desire from its creators to improve mood, energy and focus through sound”.

“Re-imagining the traditional hotel room experience, the installation takes guests on a journey that starts from the moment they receive the room key at reception, to emerging from the secluded room recharged, rejuvenated and ready to continue the rest of the day,” says the Standard.

The installation reminds Globetrender of the “deep listening” Dreamachine experience that took place at Woolwich Works in London last year.