Responding to demand for weddings with few-to-no guests, the Amilla Maldives has created a ‘self-service’ offering for couples to exchange vows. Rose Dykins reports

Amilla Maldives Resorts and Residences has become the first resort in the world to offer a self-service “micro-weddings” venue – where couples can have a “hyper-private” ceremony without the help of a celebrant.

Set on a secluded beach with tropical foliage and the Indian Ocean for a backdrop, a wooden wedding arch sets the stage for intimate micro-weddings.

A phone stand is in place for couples wanting to record or live-stream the occasion, and there are six benches made from coconut trees for any in-person guests. A set of specially adapted wedding vows is carved onto wooden panels, written to be exchanged by couples alone.Amilla Maldives micro weddings“The two sets of vows are engraved into wood, and each partner takes turns to read their part of the script,” says Suzy Ahmed, events manager of Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences.

She adds: “They can place their phone on the stand to record the vows, or surprise friends and family at home by live streaming it. The vows are Amilla-inspired; authentic and loving, but with a sense of playfulness.”Amilla Maldives micro weddingsThe Amilla Maldives’ adaptable micro-wedding offering can easily be decorated to suit couple’s tastes and, if they choose to, the resort’s events team can also arrange for champagne to be served and a cake to be delivered. The resort’s self-service wedding facility will also appeal to couples who spontaneously feel inspired to renew their vows.

“A marriage is an agreement between two people committed to growing together in a lifelong relationship,” says Ahmed. “So what could be better than renewing your vows of love, commitment and trust in a beautiful private location; an unforgettable experience shared only between you and your partner?”Amilla Maldives micro weddingsAlong with its new self-service wedding venue, Amilla Maldives also offers celebrant-led wedding vow renewals for parties of all sizes – with packages starting from US$1,870 for a customisable renewal of vows package.Amilla Maldives micro weddingsAmilla Maldives occupies a large natural island in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll. Most of its 67 villas and residences are elevated over the ocean, nestled among tree tops or set along sandy shores.

The island’s thriving wildlife inspires the resort’s organic garden-to-table dining concept and its Homemade @Amilla and Homegrown@Amillla initiatives.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, indigenous ingredients – such as sea almonds, screwpines, coconuts and frangipani – are incorporated into homegrown, immunity-boosting menus.

Meanwhile, Amilla’s Wellness Your Way offering takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, with a programme that encompasses nutrition, mindfulness, movement and spa treatments. Last spring it launched innovative menopause retreats for women.