To foster ‘borderless innovation’, Selina has partnered with TechnoArt to launch one of the world’s first accelerator schemes for digital nomads. Rose Dykins reports

Hospitality brand Selina, known for targeting millennial and Gen Z travellers with co-working hotels, has formed a strategic partnership with TechnoArt – the leading growth platform for technology startups – to launch TechnoArt@Selina.

Technoart@Selina is one of the first global innovation programmes that supports the digital nomad community. As part of the initiative, entrepreneurs gain access to the coworking facilities at Selina’s global network of more than 100 hotels.

In addition, Technoart has launched an innovation fund that will oversea investments in up to 12 companies each year that graduate from the Technoart@Selina programme.

Selina, IsraelTechnoArt@Selina includes two programmes – Born and Grown. Born is a 12-week innovation programme designed to help early-stage start-ups take their vision from an idea to a business positioned for long-term growth.

Meanwhile, Grown is a digital platform tailored to meet the needs of the digital nomad community. Participants gain access to a curated curriculum and a range of premium services, benefits, and products to help advance remote workers’ professional development.

Powered by TechnoArt’s business development and investor network, the TechnoArt@Selina programme wants to help digital nomads drive their businesses to the next level. TechnoArt@Selina members can apply for funding via TechnoArt expects to allocate between US$1 million and US$5 million per investment.Selina, IsraelTechnoArt@Selina aims to democratise access to investments for start-ups that face huge competition in Silicon Valley, and provide TechnoArt’s membership with opportunities to invest in promising companies that have the potential to disrupt industries and shape global communities.

Tristan Jehan, resident chief technology officer and partner at TechnoArt, says: “More and more entrepreneurs are looking to expand their boundaries as they engage with their clients and partners online and explore new markets. Combined with the growing digital nomad community, the next generation of tech companies have a new outlook on growth – one that TechnoArt looks forward to supporting through this new and exciting partnership.

“We worked with the Selina team to curate this amazing programme and provide the community an investment vehicle that will drive nomadic innovation forward and incentivise true democratisation of capital to support our community and enable innovation wherever it’s born.”

Through the partnership, Selina will receive 30 per cent of the revenue generated from programme, as well as 20 per cent of the carry from the investments the fund manages.

Selina Camden Copyright: Ben Broomfield PhotographySelina’s CEO and co-founder Rafael Museri, says: “Selina is home for millions of travellers and digital nomads, and this programme is designed to provide a supportive infrastructure and atmosphere that is conducive to helping our members establish and grow their businesses from anywhere in the world.

“Our mission is to provide authentic connections that support personal and professional fulfillment, and TechnoArt is helping us accomplish this by giving our community access to the expertise, services and growth opportunities they are looking for, making their experiences at our locations even more productive and impactful. Together, we want to be the leading innovation program for digital nomads.”

Shani Peled, general partner for TechnoArt, adds: “The TechnoArt@Selina program is unique as it offers graduating companies the opportunity to develop, implement, promote and market their products across the Selina network. This partnership opens the gateway to a global market of digital nomads and young professionals, forming the ideal hub for borderless innovators.”

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