From IV nutrient therapy to Wim-Hof cold rituals, elite hotel brand Aman will be running a variety of bleeding-edge wellness retreats at its properties around the globe this year. Jenny Southan reports

Bringing together “local rituals, indigenous ingredients and a modern approach”, Aman says it is “continually working to innovate its wellness offering in line with the ever-changing needs of guests”.

Its 2022 wellness programme will include visiting specialists, the return of “integrated medical services” at the Amanpuri in Thailand, and numerous treatments that deliver “fast and visible results”, ideal for those seeking an “instant” transformation.

Intensive Immersions (min five nights) – Amanpuri, Thailand

For over three decades, Amanpuri has been a sanctuary for guests on the shores of Phuket. The first-ever Aman, the resort’s wellness centre has become known for its industry-leading treatments, tailored to meet the personal goals of any guest.

The team consists of lifestyle experts, medical doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, as well as an in-house traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Combining the extensive range of both holistic and medical treatments available on property, the resort’s “Intensive Immersions” resumed in January 2022.

Guests taking part in Amanpuri’s Intensive Immersions will firstly undergo a comprehensive medical consultation using biomarkers to evaluate the body’s response to treatment for illness, alongside an evaluation of biological age and tests for Sirtuin protein levels.

Analysis of the results, plus in-depth discussions regarding lifestyle and personal goals inform a bespoke programme of prescribed medical treatments well as a personalised nutrition plan, customised private movement sessions, and specialised therapies and spa treatments. Lasting five-nights or more, the immersions aim to lead the guest on an effective pathway towards a better-self.

Amanpuri has also introduced intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy as part of its integrated medical services menu. IV formulas for increasing energy, burning fat, building muscle, and improving athletic ability are offered, while guests can also help maintain cellular function and reduce the effects of aging with revolutionary Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) IV Therapy.

Exosome IV Therapy for supporting cellular regeneration will also be available. Further, in line with the new offerings, all guests will now be invited to receive a free wellness score assessment with a spa wellness manager who will assess the guest’s physical and psychological condition, prescribing a suggested wellness plan for the duration of their stay.

Immune Health and Optimisation – (min three nights) Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, USA With an ever-increasing focus on the function of the immune system, Aman’s property in Utah, Amangiri, will offer a new unique pathway to improved health through the Immune Health and Optimisation programme.

Available from May 9 to June 26, 2022, the programme will incorporate gentle exercise, mindfulness techniques and a combination of Western breath and cold therapy to help improve the body’s natural defenses.

Available for three nights or more, the retreat will be led by Ryan Bean, a renowned yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator, Wim Hof-certified cold emersion guide and mindfulness trainer. Through a series of daily wellness activities including Vinyasa and Bodokon yoga, cold therapy and Thai massage, the body and mind are left feeling energised and strong, while with the assistance of a personalised nutrition programme, the immune system receives a powerful boost.

Before departure, detailed and personalised after-care information is provided, allowing guests to continue the journey in the comfort of home.

The Ayurshala Centre
 – (min four nights) Amanbagh, India

Amanbagh, IndiaNew for 2022 is the first-of-its-kind Ayurshala Centre, a purpose-built medicinal pharmacy unit where Ayurvedic medicine is prescribed and prepared for guests using ingredients grown on site.

A place for guests to gain a unique insight into Ayurveda Apothecary, the new stand-alone centre will also be home to the resort’s Ayurshala Retreat which will take guests on an educative and transformative journey through Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

Lasting four-nights or more, each retreat begins with a consultation led by the resort’s in-house Ayurveda physician. Guests will be informed about their body type as per the Ayurvedic Doshas before taking part in a tour of the resort’s very-own Ayurvedic garden, where they will be introduced to over 200 medicinal plants used in traditional recipes.

They will then visit the Ayurshala Centre, where the team will prepare tailored formulations using ingredients harvested from the garden – a sustainable in-house process. Combined with a programme of private daily movement sessions, group Yoga classes and meditations, alongside three healthy meals a day, the Ayurshala Retreat offers a unique insight into Ayurvedic medicine, which can then be taken home and integrated as part of a daily wellness routine.

Wellness Immersions (multiple Aman hotels)

Amanbagh, India In recent years, preventative medicine has been a growing trend, with individuals seeking to improve their lifestyle to ensure they remain fit and healthy in the face of illness. Throughout 2022, Aman’s flagship holistic hideaways will continue to offer carefully calibrated individual Wellness Immersions, balancing every aspect of health and wellbeing.

Tailored from start to finish to meet personal goals, these life-enhancing, multi-day, personalised programmes will take place at Amanpuri (Thailand), Amanoi (Vietnam), Amanemu (Japan) and Amanbagh (India) and Amanyara (Turks & Caicos).

Based on thorough testing and assessments, they include a customised routine with daily spa treatments, a considered diet or cleanse, and suggested exercise. Sensitively curated, they promise expert guidance and advice, and time in which to reflect, recalibrate and reset the course of long-term health.

Therabody technology – Aman Le Mélézin, France

A pioneer in the wellness space, Therabody technology has been introduced at Aman Le Mélézin in France. Using the Theragun Elite and Recovery Air Compression Boots, guests are invited to prepare the body for exercise, or aid recovery after a day on the slopes through three unique Therabody sessions created exclusively for the resort.

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