The Rosewood hotel in London has launched two ‘holistic’ sleep packages that rely on cannabis-derived CBD to aid deeper states of rest. Jenny Southan reports

One in three people suffer from poor quality sleep and according to 2020 research published by the Mental Health Foundation, almost half of UK adults (48%) said that sleeping badly has a negative effect on their mental health.

More than a third of adults (35%) said that sleeping poorly had made them feel more anxious and more than four in ten adults (42%) said poor sleep over the previous month had made them feel more stressed and overwhelmed. How can hotels help?

Given that providing someone with a bed for the night is the prime objective of hotels, it’s surprising that so few of them have really thought about what makes a good night’s sleep. Sure, beautiful sheets and expensive mattresses help but what about the stuffiness of a room with windows you can’t open and that annoying red light from the TV?

Now, the Rosewood London has designed two “Alchemy of Sleep” packages that promote rest through sleep-inducing treatments, activities and amenities that promise to “deliver complete restoration and renewal”, and help guests “shift attention outward and find ways to be more present”.

Available to book throughout January, February and March 2022, there are two options – Sleep Transformation and Dreamscapes – each harnessing the power of CBD (Cannabidiol, a chemical found in cannabis) as the most effective ingredient to induce restorative sleep. (Read more about legally available D9 THC gummies.)
Rosewood Hotel London

Sleep Transformation

Delivered in partnership with skincare brand Votary, Sleep Transformation features a two-night stay in a Rosewood suite, the Votary Antidote Sleep Journey (see below), a CBD facial or massage, and two private 60-minute “AWE” sessions whereby guests can choose from pranayama breathing, restorative yoga or meditation.Rosewood Hotel London

Votary Antidote Sleep Journey

Votary’s “totally immersive and nurturing” sleep journey is the “antidote for those suffering from insomnia, jetlag, frequent night waking, high levels of stress and restlessness, or for those just seeking a cocooning experiential journey that is conducive to profound relaxation and a blissful night’s sleep”.

Using Votary’s skincare range with natural plant oils and active ingredients, this soporific treatment incorporates shiatsu, a chakra-balancing massage, touches of reflexology, guided breathing and sound therapy.

Votary’s Antidote Sleep Journey can be experienced at Sense, A Rosewood Spa or as an in-suite/in-room therapy, with the option of a warm bath infused with Antidote Night Oil for 20 minutes prior to treatment.

Votary CBD facial

Designed to soothe the skin and calm the mind, the 60-minute Votary CBD facial employs Votary’s 21 Super Seed oil blend to “restore health and resilience to your skin”.

Votary CBD massage

Votary’s “immersive and nurturing” 60-minute sleep massage is enhanced with a selection of Votary sleep amenities such as a Sleeping Beauty wash bag, pillow spray, Antidote Bath & Body oil and Super Sleep supplement.

PRICE: £4,259 for one person per night and from £5,679 for two people per night.


Dreamscapes includes a one-night stay and a selection of Dreem Distillery amenities delivered by a Rosewood Butler during turndown service in the evening. These include Bed Balm and Night Drops, each formulated with broad-spectrum CBD. (The CBD Night Drops encourage an easier and deeper sleep whilst the muscle-relaxing Bed Balm salve will melt aching muscles.)

Guests experiencing Dreamscapes can also select one 60-minute treatment at Sense, A Rosewood Spa, as well as a 60-minute private AWE session.

PRICE: From £1,089 for one person and £1,369 for two people.

Curated sleep box and add ons

Guests who are looking to improve their sleep but have limited time to experience the packages are able to add on the following experiences to their original room or suite booking:

  • Beauty sleep kit by Votary (Sleeping Beauty wash bag, pillow spray, Antidote Bath & Body Oil, Super Sleep Supplement) – £125
  • 60-minute Deep Relax massage – £145
  • 60-minute CBD facial – £180
  • 60-minute CBD Massage – £170

Rosewood Hotel LondonMichael Bonsor, managing director of the Rosewood London says “At a time when our guests are prioritising sleep and wellbeing more than ever, we are delighted to begin the new year with the launch of Alchemy of Sleep Retreats.

“In partnership with Votary and Dreem Distillery, these immersive experiences offer our guests a unique, experiential stay, combining treatments, activities and amenities. Both Votary and Dreem Distillery are perfectly aligned with Rosewood London’s commitment to enhancing our guests’ state of rest.”Rosewood Hotel LondonAlchemy of Sleep is a new global collection of “immersive retreats” across Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. Alchemy of Sleep retreat highlights include:

  • Hikes through “the Baths” National Park in the British Virgin Islands, and Yoga Nindra (‘Yogic Sleep’) under the stars before bedtime rituals at Rosewood Little Dix Bay.
  • Healing Sound Bath Therapy and in-room meditation at the newly debuted Rosewood Le Guanahani St. Barth.
  • Float Fit sessions and Restorative Yoga in Rosewood Mayakoba’s private cenote.

The Alchemy of Sleep retreats from Rosewood London are featured alongside 19 other Rosewood Hotels and Resorts properties offering sleep focused programming across the globe.

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