Dayuse offers daytime-only hotel bookings, with 60 per cent of guests checking into UK properties citing ‘romance’ as the primary reason for their visit. Jenny Southan reports

French start-up Dayuse says that it opens up hotels to a new, local clientele by democratising high-end stays thanks to prices that are 30 per cent to 75 per cent cheaper than an overnight stay (rates start from £50 a day). It also allows hotels to monetise rooms that would otherwise be empty between bookings.

In total, Dayuse has 800 hotel partners in the UK (such as the Dixon in London, pictured) and 7,000 partner hotels in 26 other countries. Dayuse’s ambition is to triple its business volume and double the number of hotels it partners with by 2024.

In spite of the pandemic, in June 2021 Dayuse said it had already reached 90 per cent of pre-Covid bookings, demonstrating resilience despite the absence of business and international travellers. This decrease was compensated by a strong increase from “work from hotel” bookings.

By September 2021, Dayuse had surpassed the pre-Covid figures with more people taking the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones or take some much-needed time for themselves. This was an uplift of 50 per cent compared to pre-Covid.

By the end of 2021, Dayuse expects to generate over one million reservations and £85 million in business volume coming from 7,000 hotels worldwide.

In the UK, London is the most popular city for Dayuse hotel stays, with 50 per cent of the bookings, followed by Manchester and Birmingham. Of the London guests, 90 per cent are local.

Why are people booking rooms for the day? According to a survey of 467 Dayuse guests, 12 per cent said they were checking in to enjoy a comfortable bed, while more than 60 per cent are in pursuit of romance. 37 per cent of these admitted that their visit was a “private liaison”. Overall, 20 per cent of guests said that having a professional, quiet place to work was the main reason for their visit.

David Lebée, founder and CEO of Dayuse, states: “Dayuse offers consumers access to spaces as early as 6am until as late as 11pm, transforming hotels into real living places where people can eat, drink, work and enjoy at their leisure during the day. In a post pandemic world, we understand how people spend their valuable time whether that be in the swimming pool, spa, rooftop bar or simply kicking back in a fluffy robe with the one you love, ordering room service.”

He adds: “This study proves that daycations are the new hot trend. Whether alone, with a partner or a friend, daycationing in your hometown prevents you from packing or driving long distances, while still reaping all the benefits of being away.

“From trendy boutique hotels to luxurious refurbished properties, we offer the ideal urban getaway for busy modern couples, with romance and luxury around the corner.”

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