The ‘Flying Cloud 30 FB Office’ is a new Airstream trailer with a built-in office so digital nomads can work during road trips. Rose Dykins reports

One year on from the start of the pandemic, and the “work from anywhere” trend has given rise to a new breed of digital and corporate nomad who is seeking to live an “untethered” lifestyle.

This new-found freedom to combine work with travel is impacting the campervan and motorhome sector, as people are looking to invest in modern portable home-slash-offices that fulfil their desire to pull up to a campsite, open their laptops and meet a deadline.

With prices starting from US$107,500, Airstream’s Flying Cloud 30 FB Office trailer answers this call. The company’s latest model was born out of “intensive product development, owner feedback, and the challenges and opportunities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic”.

Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB OfficeOver the course of 2020, businesses across the country changed their policies on employees working from home,” says Airstream “We heard many Airstreamers in the community asking themselves: “Why work from home, when I can work from anywhere?”

“The answer, they found, was that it was much easier than anticipated. With a bit of preparation to assure connectivity in the campsite or boondocking spot, virtual meetings and email communication were assured. But still, we heard plenty of feedback about other things that could be improved or solved – more power solutions and outlets, a dedicated space, sound-deadening materials, connectivity options.

“The result of synthesising that feedback and designing a product that provided solutions to these new challenges, the 30 FB Office floor plan is Airstream’s response to a paradigm shift in how we live, play, and work.”

Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB OfficeThe 30 FB Office has a built-in workspace with a wide desk, several USB ports and a pop-up USB/AC outlet supported by the onboard 1,000W power inverter. It has cubbies and drawers, as well as overhead storage with surfaces mounted with dry-erase material – so they double up as whiteboard space for notes or brainstorming.

The swivel chair can be secured to the floor via a strap when the trailer is moving. Three windows provide natural light and scenic views while the space is being used for work, and there are also blackout curtains, as well as a sound-deadening divider to limit ambient noise when taking work calls.

The workspace is located at the rear of the trailer, making it easier to combine work with family travel. The Flying Cloud 30 FB Office also as a front queen bed, a couch, dinette (which converts into a bed), kitchen pantry, and a full bathroom with a separate shower and toilet.

Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB Office

Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB OfficeWhen not being used, the office space can be converted into additional sleeping and relaxing space for an additional person. (The 30ft-Airstream can sleep six people in total.)

Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB OfficeThis latest innovation from Airstream is an example of the “RV Renaissance” trend identified and explored in Globetrender’s 2021 Travel Forecast. Being grounded during 2020 has caused people to take road trips or rent trailers, campervans and rental homes for a break from city living.

For many, it’s been a tipping point for making the move into van ownership. And the latest models reflect consumers’ desire for somewhere with the tech and workspace they need before they down tools to spend time with their family in the great outdoors.

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