From fertility to the menopause, Thailand’s Kamalaya Koh Samui has devised ‘Radiant Bliss’, a wellness programme specifically tailored to women’s health. Nick Hendry reports

Kamalaya has launched its first-ever women focused wellness programme called “Radiant Bliss“, which will cater to all females aged over the age of 18 and has been designed to address the individual needs of each patient’s stage of life and health condition.

Available on-demand (rather than a retreat on set dates), the wellness sanctuary claims that after completing the Radiant Bliss programme, women will be “better educated about their health and equipped with insights and tools to listen to their bodies, and understand their needs and synchronise their lifestyle and daily habits towards meeting their personal goals”.

Radiant Bliss aims to adapt to fit the particular needs of each individual guest, offering advice on many aspects of women’s health including fertility or pregnancy preparation, the transition to perimenopause or the management of menopause itself. Kamalaya Koh SamuiParticipants will receive a comprehensive wellness consultation and body bio-impedance analysis on arrival, complimentary participation in Kamalaya’s daily holistic schedule of activities and use of the herbal steam caverns, swimming pools, thermal plunge pools and Shakti Fitness Centre.

The resort’s founder, Karina Stewart, says: “Women’s health is unique and distinct from men’s health; Radiant Bliss aims to address these specific needs in a highly personalised way. What is special about this programme is that it enables women the freedom to co-create an enriching experience for themselves that organically reconnects them to their innate healing wisdom and visionary version of themselves.

“Our highly skilled and talented experts place emphasis on the full spectrum of health including wellbeing and inner health, so our female guests can truly look to address their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs in one space.”

Radiant Bliss follows the resort’s method of blending traditional Asian healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda with Western techniques such as naturopathy, functional medicine, and nutrition.Kamalaya Koh SamuiWellness plans made as part of Radiant Bliss will incorporate treatments in Kamalaya’s recently opened Longevity House, including IV therapy specifically tailored to women’s health, and “Life-Enhancement Mentoring Sessions” addressing the emotional needs of the individual.

Guests will also experience the new Lanna Samunphrai Ron abdominal massage, created to balance hormones and aid digestion, as well as combatting back pain. The programme will additionally provide a bespoke schedule of “nutraceutical-grade” supplements and remedies to support female wellbeing.

Kamalaya Koh Samui was founded in 2005 to offer “wellness experience that helps people to embody their life’s potential and achieve optimal lifelong wellbeing while integrating healing therapies from East and West”.

An eight-night Radiant Bliss programme starts at £2,850 and includes three meals a day, with accommodation charged separately. You can also book 14 and 21-night progammes.