From empowering communities to transforming food production, the Regenerative Travel Summit will bring together global thought leaders to discuss the future of ‘force for good’ tourism. Jenny Southan reports

In a bid to promote “non-extractive, immersive, inclusive and equitable tourism”, the Regenerative Travel Summit will take place on September 20, 2023, at the Wythe hotel in New York as part of Climate Week.

The flagship event, held annually, will assemble leading experts and visionaries from the travel industry to explore “groundbreaking solutions”and “envision a future where travel becomes a catalyst for positive change, prioritising sustainability and regenerative practices that foster environmental and community well-being”.

Emphasising diverse and global perspectives, the summit will challenge participants’ to collaboratively build an industry that creates abundance for all. This year’s event features an impressive lineup of speakers including:

The summit is sponsored by brands including WhatIF Foods, Davines, Yoga Trade, Circle Harbor Line, and Billion Oyster Project.

The final program and agenda can be found here.

Exhibitors will also showcase their contributions to regenerative travel, including:

Regenerative Travel is a dynamic association of individuals and businesses devoted to revitalising the travel industry through immersive, non-extractive, inclusive, and equitable tourism experiences that benefit all stakeholders. The organisation’s mission is to inspire and empower travelers, businesses, and communities to collaboratively build a regenerative tourism industry that generates abundance for everyone involved.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2023 will be celebrated for the first time in person at the Summit and aims to recognise individuals and projects that promote positive change in people’s lives, communities, and the world. The awards seek to identify and celebrate inspiring change makers working to solve significant challenges, both within and beyond the travel industry.

Editor’s note: you can now view the winners here.

Regenerative Travel will be collecting donations towards EQTR, a non-profit organization that aims to promote entrepreneurship and leadership in the luxury travel industry for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ college-age individuals, in order to achieve equity in representation from marginalized communities and reflect the diversity of the industry’s clientele.