As sleep tourism gains momentum, mattress brand Emma launches two hotels complete with resident sleep experts and soporific catering. Olivia Palamountain reports

Emma is taking advantage of the sleep tourism (and “Shoppable Stays”) trend by fusing its core direct-to-consumer product – mattresses – with hospitality, to debut two unique sleep-focused hotels in Sydney and Taipei.

The aim is to provide travellers with immersive environments and award-winning sleep products to enhance their overall wellbeing through “transformative rest”. And hopefully, they will have such a comfortable night’s sleep that they will feel inspired to buy an Emma mattress when they get home. Genius.

“At Emma, we believe that a great night’s sleep should be accessible to everyone” says Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, co-founder and CEO of Emma – the Sleep Company. “We’re immensely proud to be the first sleep brand to open its own dedicated sleep hotels in Australia and Taiwan.

“Our goal is to offer travelers the chance to immerse themselves in relaxing environments with award-winning Emma sleep products, and to unlock the transformative power of rest for their overall well-being.”

Emma Sleep hotel in Sydney

Upon arrival at the Emma Sleep hotel in Sydney, guests are welcomed by a “Snoreman”, setting the stage for a sleep-focused adventure.

The “Rest-Ception” area provides a cosy space to unwind, and guests can receive personalised 1:1 sleep consultations from on-site “Snooze-ologists” for valuable insights on optimising their sleep habits.

Each room is furnished with Emma’s award-winning mattresses and beds, while a sleep-inspired movie catalogue offers entertainment.

Guests can also choose their perfect Emma pillow based on their preferences. On the rooftop terrace, custom cocktails inspired by Emma’s sleep expertise continue the immersive experience. Throughout the hotel, a calming playlist enhances the ambiance for relaxation and enjoyment.

There is also a seven-course “world-first” Sleepgustation menu available at the restaurant. Emma says: “The menu has been meticulously crafted by culinary masters in collaboration with Emma’s sleep scientists to create a truly unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

“Guests consumed dishes and drinks such as melatonin margaritas and serotonin-stimulating potatoes – all infused with sleep-inducing ingredients to improve their sleep while they waited at the Emma Sleep hotel.

Emma Sleep hotel in Taipei

Collaborating with Monka hotel in Taipei, Emma introduces the first Emma Sleep hotel in Asia. Located near the iconic Longshan Temple, the hotel has been entirely transformed under Emma’s supervision, with even the exterior painted to resemble one of Emma’s iconic delivery boxes, setting the tone for the unique experience within.

Every room in the hotel features Emma’s award-winning products, ensuring a truly immersive Emma sleep experience from beginning to end.

Ruby sleep-focused hotels

Emma joins a number of hotel brands and sleep-focused products looking to reinvent the way we sleep, such as relatively “no frills” brand, Ruby, which has invested heavily in providing guests with an excellent night’s sleep at its hotels throughout Europe.

Under the guidance of expert sleep scientists, all rooms at Ruby hotels come eqipped with: 30cm deep pocket-sprung mattresses; extra-long duble beds; high quality, ultra-light, hypoallergenic duvets; blackout curtains; dimmable lighting and soundproofing. Read Globetrender’s full story here.

Since more than 40 per cent of traveller have reported poorer sleep since the pandemic, says Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Ruby and Emma could be onto something…