Campsited’s ‘Open Air Work From Anywhere’ programme makes it easier than ever for companies to invest in the health, happiness and motivation of employees, with international escape packages tailored to remote working. Olivia Palamountain reports

 Campsited, the “digital marketplace for the open-air economy” has launched an “Open Air Work From Anywhere” programme, geared towards those of us who can and want to embrace the benefits of remote working.

The programme aims to make it as easy as possible for employers to provide their employees with the opportunity to switch the mundanities of everyday life and sample a taste of the good life, at one of Campsited’s gorgeous nature-led locations across several countries.

The live/work escapes last up to 12 weeks, and employees can choose to work from a variety of countries, including France, Italy, and Spain – think a mobile home close to the French seaside in Saint Cyprien, a chalet or lodge on the Italian riviera or in the Catalonia region of Spain, just a few kilometres from the Costa Dorada.

Campsited will shortly extend the programme adding properties in both the US and South Africa. (To set up the “Open Air Work From Anywhere” programme, the business will have to set up a subscription with Campsited first.)

All necessary amenities are provided and properties are vetted for all-important wifi availability. Campsited also offers e-sim mobile data packages for employees to use to minimise data roaming costs.

Finan O’Donoghue, founder and CEO of Campsited, says: “The Open-Air Work From Anywhere’ programme is something we are all very proud of at Campsited. By focusing on flexible working, we extend the wonderful open-air experience to people who want to get out of the house or city and closer to nature. Not to mention the well-documented health and well-being benefits that time closer to nature offers to companies for their employees.

“We are working with global thought leader and academic in remote work, Rowena Hennigan, to help us further develop our Open-Air Work from Anywhere programme to benefit all of our community, be it individuals, groups of employees or families. We are all very excited by it!

“The added benefit for our established network of more than 270,000 accommodation sites is a boost in demand outside of peak season.”

It’s no secret that we all love working from home: Statista reports that 30 per cent of employees now work at exclusively remote companies, while according to research by Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics, 74 per cent of employees feel happier when they work remotely. The reasons vary from not having to commute, to having more flexibility and spending more time with their families.

The best bit? According to IBM, employers are recognising the role that flexible working arrangements play to attract and retain employees, with 50 per cent of all global organisations believing that empowering a remote workforce is important.

Taking Campsited up on its “Open Air Work From Anywhere” programme is outsourced call centre service provider, Zevas.

The company is looking to support the physical and mental wellbeing of employees already working remotely by providing the opportunity for them to live in and experience another country.

John O’Sullivan, COO of Zevas, says: “Two years ago we were compelled by global circumstances to quickly move our workforce to remote working. As a multilingual global contact centre we have employees from many European countries who are now dispersed across Ireland, the UK and a number of European continental countries.

“We have tried many engagement efforts with our workforce to promote health and wellbeing. The Campsited ‘Open Air Work from Anywhere’ programme gives us a significant opportunity to positively benefit employees with an exciting and affordable way to work, travel and undertake new experiences simultaneously.”

Through Zevas’s subscription to the Campsited programme, their 200-plus employees will be able to access accommodation options that cater to their professional needs and personal appetite for open-air adventure, while enjoying the leisure and cultural opportunities offered by a new location.