Non-alcoholic drinks brand Three Spirit has created a range of “functional” spirits that are designed to make you feel energised, happy and relaxed. It’s also served on Virgin Atlantic. Jenny Southan reports

After exploring the emerging trend for “Sober Travel” in a recent edition of our VOLT newsletter, Globetrender was interested to come across Three Spirit, a brand that creates plant-based alternatives to alcohol that help you feel uplifted or soothed, depending on the occasion.

Like alcoholic spirits, these potent elixirs have depth, complexity and a satisfying “mouth feel”, allowing them to be drunk neat on ice, mixed with tonic water or other liquids as part of a mocktail, for example.Three SpiritRead the back of the bottle and you will be intrigued by the curious-sounding compounds that are used – a blend of “adaptogens”, “nootropics”, herbs, distillates and ferments and combine to create “functional” libations that are healthy and make you feel good. Most importantly, there is no hangover.Like a good gin, which is flavoured with a long list of botanicals, Three Spirit works with a host of different organic active ingredients such as lion’s mane mushroom, Hull melon hops, guayusa, cacao, passionflower and ashwaganda, each of which has unique properties.

Concocted by plant scientists and bartenders, the elixirs are then produced using an array of different processes – from maceration, fermentation and distillation, to reverse osmosis, freeze-drying and ultrasonic extraction.Three SpiritThree Spirit has three different “spirits” – and Globetrender tried them all. The moreish Social Elixir is made from ingredients such as coconut vinegar, green tea, caraway seeds, cacao and agave nectar. The serving recommendation for this one is with ginger ale and an orange slice.

Meanwhile, the Livener (our favourite) uses guava leaf, panax ginseng, apple cider vinegar, watermelon, rose water, ginger and cayenne chilli (among other things). It’s got an addictive spiceiness to it, and pairs well with tonic and a slice of grapefruit.Three SpiritThe Nightcap, which is designed to be drunk on the rocks, combines mellow ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, valerian root, liquorice, maple syrup and lemon balm. It’s so delicious you have to make an effort to sip it slowly.

During a recent trip to Tampa, I was delighted to discover that Virgin Atlantic serves both Livener and the Nightcap to passengers in Upper Class, in addition to alcohol-free beer Lucky Saint (further evidence of how the trend for Sober Travel is manifesting).Three Spirit/Virgin Atlantic In April, Three Spirit also launch Blurred Vines, two nonalcoholic alternative wines – Spark and Sharp.


£24.99 for a 500ml bottle (Livener, Social Elixir, Nightcap). Blurred Vines are £16.99 per bottle.


Three Spirit allows anyone who is avoiding alcohol to still enjoy the ritual of making a drink for themselves at the end of the day, or ordering something that feels special in a bar. It’s hard to say whether it has any effect on my mood but I definitely feel virtuous and happy when I drink it – plus the flavours and mouth feel are properly sophisticated.