Through an exclusive partnership with biohacking expert, Dr Oz Garcia, LA’s Fairmont Spa Century Plaza is ‘reinventing wellness culture’ with high-tech therapies. Jenny Southan reports

Last month, the Fairmont Spa Century Plaza in Los Angeles debuted its new biohacking programme, which was co-designed by Dr Oz Garcia, a biohacker and leading authority on age reversal and healthy aging.

The unique wellness protocol features three trend-setting treatments that “promote wellbeing at a cellular level and aim to reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance the recipient’s overall quality of life” by harnessing the power of infrared technology, neuroscience and compression therapy.

“We aim to give guests the best wellness experience in the city,” says Magdaleena Nikolov, general manager of spa, wellness and retail for Fairmont Century Plaza.

She adds: “Our new biohacking programme offers luxurious and results-driven treatments in a world-class environment that caters to guests seeking peak physical and emotional wellness.”Fairmont Spa Century PlazaEach biohacking session includes the Oakworks Curva Lounger Anti-gravity Chair featuring a NASA-inspired curve and tilt that promotes relaxation and helps the recipient slip into a meditative state.

Then there is NuCalm, a clinically-proven and patented neuroacoustic headset to calm the mind and nervous system; an Infrared PEMF Mat that relaxes the nervous system by regulating energy stored in the body; and Normatec by HyperIce compression boots, which increase circulation and reduce inflammation ensuring the body can function at its highest capacity.

Finally, LED Face Visors use a combination of red, blue and amber light to increase blood circulation, generate collagen and improve cellular turnover.Fairmont Spa Century PlazaTaking a customized approach to nutrition, guests at Fairmont Spa Century Plaza can also receive personalized OZ Garcia Wellness nutrition consultations.

“After 40 years in the wellness industry studying and sharing the benefits of biohacking, I’m excited to introduce this new innovation at the Fairmont Spa Century Plaza,” says Dr Oz Garcia.

“By combining ancient modalities with light therapy, sound therapy and new technology, Magdalena and I are pleased to offer guests and locals a solution for better sleep, relieving stress and regaining mindfulness.”

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