Spanish airline Iberia has launched a new partnership with The Power MBA to deliver online courses via its onboard entertainment system. Jenny Southan reports

Instead of watching the latest Hollywood rom-com, flyers can now access online courses from The Power MBA on business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship through Iberia’s in-flight entertainment system.

Each episode will last 15 minutes and will be available to watch on Iberia’s intercontinental flights – normally you have to pay £769 to access them so it’s a great opportunity to use flying time in a more productive way.

The airline said that it would look to expand the range of masterclasses offered over time, with the aim of becoming “the first university in the air”.The Power MBAThe Power MBA says on its website: “[We offer] a new type of business school where you learn directly from industry leaders and gain a unique understanding of business and digital marketing to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business – through our groundbreaking microlearning format (15 minute digital, audiovisual classes) and for a minimal investment of time and money, unlike in traditional business schools.

“Thanks to our innovative methodology, global business leaders like the founders of Youtube, Tesla, Netflix, Shazam, Waze (and so many others!) share their real-life experience with those that want to gain comprehensive and practical business knowledge that cuts right to the chase.”

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