Zurich’s Dolder Grand hotel has teamed up with private air charter firm BitLux to offer a travel package that can only be paid for with cryptocurrency. Jenny Southan reports

In a recent issue of our premium newsletter VOLT, Globetrender identified and explored the trend for “Crypto Trips” (if you are an annual subscriber you can access the archive). Here is another example of how the concept is taking off within the travel industry…

Over in Switzerland, Zurich’s five-star Dolder Grand hotel may be 122 years old but it is nevertheless an innovator, teaming up with BitLux private air charter company to offer the “first exclusively cryptocurrency-based luxury travel experience” globally.

Two years ago, the Dolder Grand began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment and even has a cryptocurrency ATM in the foyer. But now it is thinking even more creatively. This tie-up allows clients to pay for a private flight from any airport in the world and a room at the Dolder Grand with cryptocurrency.

As an incentive, guests who fly with BitLux to or within Europe will receive a US$350 credit (per group) towards a stay at the Dolder Grand (valid once per calendar year), as well as a 25 per cent discount when staying for at least four nights.

Conversley, people who stay at the Dolder Grand before to flying with BitLux will get a US$500 credit towards their jet charter, so long as they can present a receipt from their hotel stay.

Why pay with crypto? According to Robb Report, BitLux has seen 50 per cent of its 2021 charter flight bookings so far made using cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the Dolder Grand’s managing director, André Meier, tells Robb Report: “We believe that cryptocurrency will become increasingly important in the hospitality industry and that, in the future, new ways of payment like cryptocurrency will develop and become a normal means of payment in everyday life.”

In a statement about the new partnership, Kyle Patel, CEO of BitLux, says that “most crypto users, including our clientele and ourselves, seek a safe, secure, anonymous, efficient and convenient payment method”.

He adds: “Non-coincidentally, there is an identical standard for luxury travellers, whether for leisure or business. This partnership seeks to provide clients with more ownership and control of their finances, as well as delivering the best all-around luxury travel experience of 2021.”

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