Isolation vacations just got even more exclusive thanks to Rent-a-Resort, a hotel buy-out service that includes entire private islands on its books. Olivia Palamountain reports

Rent-a-Resort, a venue finder service specialising in the exclusive rental of hotels and resorts across the globe is ideal for large groups of wealthy friends or families looking for the ultimate “isolation vacation” (a term coined by Globetrender).

Founded by Frankfurt-based CEO Daniel Rudolf, the company specialises in buy-outs of resorts (both luxury and standard), private islands and even cruise ships across Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Rent-a-Resort matches customers with the best properties and locations to meet their travel needs and provides a free service for both businesses and consumers.

Buy-outs are a stand-out trend of the pandemic, tapping in to the desire for privacy and “bubble security”. New Rent-a-Resort properties available for private takeovers in 2021 include the ARIA Wellbeing Retreat & SPA in Italy (15 suites for €12,000 a night) and Club Med Seychelles, a private island resort with 290 rooms for €158,000 per night.

Other buy-out options include the 182-room Inpriva Private Resort Dalmatia in Croatia, which costs from €24,000 per night; Event Chalets Crans Montana, which has 14 rooms and costs from €16,000 per night; and Finolhu private island in the Maldives, which has 52 villas and costs from €42,000 per night.Rent-a-ResortMeanwhile, for those who want to be on the water, the 182-room Club Med 2 ship can be chartered exclusively for €110,000 per night.

How does the service work?

According to a statement on the company’s LinkedIn page: “If you ever requested a hotel exclusively, you were probably surprised by the tremendous price differences between dates and suppliers. The right resort at the right date can reduce costs to just a percentage of the original quote.

“But how can you know in advance which hotel at which time? This is where we can help you with our expertise, contacts and information available. Rent-a-Resort will deliver you the right dates and resorts and will send you a quote without losing your valuable time.

“Exclusive hotel rentals are very complicated to understand in terms of pricing and it can take many weeks for you to find the right partner who will be willing to close his resort and open it just for you at a price you can afford.

“We are in direct contact with a hundreds of European resorts informing us regularly on whether and when they are able to rent their hotel exclusively and at a competitive price. As a result we know in advance which resort to contact in order for you to get your hotel buy-out at the lowest possible cost.”

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