Our free 2020 Travel Trend Forecast provides strategic insights into ten key trends for the year ahead, with advice on action points available from Globetrender upon request.

The trends we have chosen to focus on are based on in-depth journalistic research into what’s new within the industry, the changing needs and desires of consumers, hard data from multiple sources and events taking place in the broader cultural landscape.

The lifecycle of a trend moves from the innovators that trigger them on the minority fringes, on to the early adopters, early majority, late majority and, finally, the laggards, again at the periphery.

With this in mind, we have set our sights on what is going on in the early stages of adoption so that the information we deliver feels fresh and you have time to act on it. Equally, it is embedded enough that it is solid and reliable, not just flimsy future-gazing.

What’s in the report?

Kudadoo Maldives1. CASTAWAY ISLANDS

Long-suffering urbanites crave a Robinson Crusoe existence but thousands of the world’s islands are at risk of being submerged by rising sea levels. A new wave of private resorts are welcoming guests while they can


Mobile payments2. CASH-FREE CULTURE

Paper notes and coins are soon to be a thing of the past. As travellers increasingly rely on mobile banking, smart devices and cryptocurrencies, businesses need to ensure they are equipped to take their money


Man wearing VR goggles3. CYBER WORLDS

As virtual reality comes of age, and offline experiences digitise, a compelling new medium that blends technology with immersive theatre is generating new reasons to travel, especially among Generation Z


InTenta hotel suite4. MODERN NOMADISM

The growing freelance movement is liberating professionals from the shackles of nine-to-five working. As people take overseas sabbaticals and set off on round-the-world adventures, hotels are also embracing no-fixed-abode concepts



Facial recognition is transforming the way passengers move seamlessly through airports, making boarding passes and physical immigration checks redundant. But human microchipping is the bleeding-edge innovation to scrutinise


Space tourist6. SPACE TOURISM

In all of history, only 536 people have ever been into space and just 12 have walked on the moon. But that is set to change as private companies vie to take regular paying Earthlings off-world on their very own rocket ships



Whereas experiential travel granted people bragging rights around the dinner table, and transformational travel inspired them to disconnect, going away to learn new skills will be the motivating force behind betterment trips of the new decade


Boom supersonic8. ULTRA HIGH SPEED

For the first time since Concorde, supersonic flight is making a comeback, meaning that having breakfast in London and lunch in Vancouver will soon become a reality. Equally, super-fast trains are transforming overland options for city-breakers of tomorrow


Marijuana in open jar9. CANNABIS TOURISM

The green economy is opening up higher ways of being for holidaymakers looking to turn on, tune in and drop out, if only for a week. Cannabis tourists can look forward to luxury CBD spa treatments, marijuana fine-dining, weed tours and even stylish mega dispensaries


Young Chinese traveller10. CHINESE DOMINATION

China is about to surpass the US as the world’s biggest economy. Shunning groups in favour of individual travel, Chinese millennials are breaking away from the norm and looking for destinations in which to spend their newly acquired wealth


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