Nestled in the Italian Dolomites, Forestis has a new reparative wellbeing programme based on the premise that ‘peace is the new luxury’. Rose Dykins reports

Forestis – a five-star wellbeing retreat in the Italian Dolomites – has created a new package centred around helping guests feel a sense of peace. The three-night “Peace of Mind” programme encourages guests to relax and regenerate, with a focus on time, nature and simplicity.

Starting from €930 per person, it includes a 50-minute restorative massage, a Wyda Celtic yoga session and a guided hiking tour, while staying in one of the resort’s Tower suites.

ForestisThe “Peace of Mind” package will run from July until December 2021. As well as the above activities, the rate includes breakfast and dinner, use of the spa at Forestis and free rentals of backpacks, hiking poles and snowshoes.ForestisFocusing on four key elements of pure spring water, fresh mountain air, exposure to sunshine and a mild climate, the wellbeing offering at Forestis invites guests to reconnect with their body and soul by embracing the natural world.ForestisIn a review for The Times, writer Alice BB described her stay: “We ended the hike with a barefoot walk through a freezing pebble stream and then it was back up the swirling, fossil-inspired stairs for a massage and facial, while strange music played at the specific frequency of the surrounding trees, apparently tuning me in to the power of this place’s raw nature. I swam a lot [and] went foraging for mushrooms with the chef.]

Launched in July 2020, Forestis is situated 1,800 metres above sea level on the southern slope of the Plose mountain. Its design concept by South Tyrolean architect Armin Sader is a modern, eco-friendly interpretation of traditional local architecture, and it achieved carbon neutral construction through its use of natural materials.

Located in Italy’s South Tyrol, near Germany, the property sits on the site of a 1912 hotel that was once a sanatorium for tuberculosis (the spring water, fine weather, clean air and sunshine were considered a cure for lung disease).

It is also powered entirely by renewable energy, reflecting the resort’s close connection with nature – the mountains and forests that surround it.

ForestisForestis spa treatments incorporate the surrounding environment such as its signature “forest tree circle ceremony” for the face and body. This involves harnessing the active ingredients and properties of “four healing woods” from trees (mountain, pine, spruce, lark and Swiss stone pine), four healing stones, and the four tree frequencies.

The spa also has seven saunas, an outdoor and indoor pool, and sun loungers where guests can recline and soak up incredible mountain views.

Forestis“We have conceived Forestis as a refuge for relaxation and a place for strength, for people all over the world, in the place we have been fortunate enough to call home,” says Teresa Unterthiner and Stefan Hinteregger, the owners of Forestis.

“We want to share the beauty of the mountains, climate, water, air, sun to enrich our guest’s wellbeing and this space of power that can be felt, experienced and seen.”

ForestisForestis also serves up “forest cuisine” created by head chef Roland Lamprecht. The culinary concept is about variety, naturalness and authenticity of the produce used, and it is also the basis of the resort’s optional detox menu. 

The retreat is also home to one of the highest rooftop bars in the world (the hotel itself is at 1,800 metres above sea level). Complete with indoor fireplaces and open air fire pits upon the terrace, the bar has a drinks menu that uses herbs, nuts, berries, shrubs, bark and fir needles as ingredients.

Aside from relaxing while enjoying the views from its 62 luxury suites, or indulging in one of Forestis’s year-round wellbeing packages, activities such as paragliding and hot air balloons can be arranged. Forestis is also a ski-in-ski-out resort during the winter months.

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