Noma: former ‘world’s best restaurant’ reopens as burger and wine bar

The Danish restaurant Noma, regularly voted among the best restaurants in the world, has reopened with a stripped-back burger menu. Sam Ballard reports

Noma, one of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, has reopened as a burger and wine bar to keep its clientele well fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Copenhagen institution, which has won multiple Michelin stars, has become synonymous with Nordic cuisine that focuses on foraged ingredients – like moss and mushrooms – to create their incredible small plates.

Now the fine-dining restaurant – where a typical tasting menu costs north of £300 (plus £175 for the wine pairing) – is selling burgers (meat or veggie) for just £18. Once the world has gone back to normality, the restaurant will look to bring back its less democratic concept.Noma veggie burgerIn a statement, Noma said: “The first step is something we are very excited about, because it is completely new for us. On Thursday, May 21, at 1pm, we will open an outdoor wine bar in our beautiful gardens at Noma, overlooking the lake we share with our neighbours in Christiania.Noma garden “Come as you are, there are no reservations, we are open for everyone. You can stop by for a glass of wine, or you can stay for more, and if you get hungry we have two burgers on the menu: the noma cheeseburger and the Noma veggie burger.Noma greenhouse“Both are juicy and packed with umami, with a little bit of magic from our fermentation cellar, served on a freshly baked potato bun developed by our friends at Gasoline Grill.”Noma burger Noma wine barNoma is not the only restaurant that has been looking at reinventing itself during the pandemic. According to the US National Restaurant Association, the sector is on track to lose US$240 billion by the end of the year and cost two thirds of employees their livelihoods.

Many restaurants have shared their recipes online to keep in touch with their client bases while others, such as Mayfair restaurant Gymkhana, which has started offering deliveries through Supper.

Amsterdam’s Mediamatic has proven a hit with the launch of its ​Serres Séparées​, individual greenhouses set along the waterfront, turning the concept of social distancing into an intimate dining experience.

For some diners, it may be the time for kitchens run by robotic chefs. One example, the Makr Shakr cocktail-making robot has already been installed in the ICE+FRIES bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“As safety becomes the priority for all of us, robotic bartenders can play a substantial role in helping the food and beverage industry getting back on its feet as soon as possible, says Makr Shakr’s CEO Emanuele Rossetti. “A robot like Toni offers a win-win solution for businesses, as it entertains patrons within health and safety standards.”

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