UK startup Airportr has partnered with British Airways to pick up passenger luggage from anywhere in London and deliver it to the airport on their behalf.

The ground-breaking service from Airportr leaves travellers free to use public transport without the hassle of lugging cases up and down steps or along crowded train platforms.

What’s more, the partnership with BA means that once your suitcase (or suitcases) arrive at the airport, ground staff will safely check them in on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about seeing it again until you arrive at your overseas destination.

The first step in a “seamless” travel experience for the traveller of tomorrow, whichever airline you are flying with, Airportr will deliver and check in luggage of any size or weight item to Heathrow, Gatwick or London City airport from any London address. If you need to go straight to the office after landing in London, you can also use Airportr to transport your case home for you.

If you’re flying with British Airways and using AirPortr + Bag Check-In, a single journey to the local area costs £20, £30 to central London and £40 to outer London.Airportr luggage delivery servicePhilip Osmond, British Airways’ director of airport transformation said: “We are always looking at innovative ways in which to give our customers more choice and improve their journeys. We are excited to launch this exclusive service, delivered by AirPortr, which will offer an even smoother travel experience.”

Randel Darby, AirPortr CEO, said: “The service is a game-changer in international travel. The industry has managed to digitise the passport control process and successfully introduced paper-free boarding utilising smart phone technology, but the one element of air travel that remained stuck in the 20th century was luggage and how to make the process more seamless. That is the problem we have sought to address.”

Mr Darby continued: “Luggage free travel is a complex area and beset by all kinds of logistical roadblocks. I am thrilled AirPortr+ Bag Check-In is able to offer an accessible yet innovative service that benefits smart travellers.”

Even if you are not flying with BA, you can still use the service, albeit without the check-in aspect. The problem Globetrender predicts, though, is that Airportr will need to work hard to reassure guests that the service is 100 per cent reliable and secure. It would be bad enough turning up at London Heathrow to find your suitcase has got lost in transit, let alone arriving in Dubai to find your luggage never even made it on to the plane.

Airportr’s partnership with British Airways is, of course, evidence that the delivery service works and can be trusted, which is great news. For peace of mind, the company tracks all the bags and gives the traveller updates. Suitcases are also sealed and tagged on collection.

A single AirPortr journey to or from the postcodes close to the airport costs £10, £20 to central London and £30 to outer London. AirPortr + Carousel Collection from London City Airport costs £20 to the local airport area, £30 to Central London and £40 to outer London. Each additional bag costs £10 (up to 25 bags per booking) for all services.

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