The QS Best Student Cities Rankings have been revealed, with London rated the fifth best student city in the world. But what was voted number one?

The survey evaluated 122 cities that are home to more than 250,000 people and have two or more universities from the QS World University Rankings.

According to a press release, the US has the most highly ranked cities (11), with Boston in 13th place and New York in 20th place. Other US entries include Chicago (30), Los Angeles (42) and Atlanta (58).

The US is followed by the UK with eight cities and Australia with seven. A series of new cities in otherwise unfeatured nations include Oslo (60) and Sharjah in the UAE (68).

Here are the top ten:

10. Seoul

9. Berlin

8. Hong Kong

7. Montreal

6. Singapore

5. London

4. Sydney

3. Tokyo

2. Melbourne

1. Paris

After a shocking terrorist attack in the French capital in November, this comes as good news for the City of Lights.

QS says Paris benefits from low tuition fees, strong employer recognition, a favourable rank in the Mercer Cost of Living Index and the second-highest number of globally-renowned universities (only London has more).

Thierry Coulhon, president of Paris Sciences et Lettres, says: “I am glad to see Paris appearing as the top world student city for the fourth consecutive year.

“After the terrible attacks that this city has experienced, Paris is more determined than ever to defend its values of solidarity, freedom and creativity. There is no more solid shield that we can use to oppose barbarity, because knowledge relies on the principle of openness to others: sapere aude!”

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, said: “Paris is proud to be ranked as the best world student city. Our youth represents our greatest strength and incarnates our greatest hope.

“We carry an ambitious politic to make youth able to blossom, be successful, be able to choose and to build its future. We will continue to support students by offering them opportunities, in an open, dynamic and creative city.”

Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, said: “The Paris Region has much to offer to international students – history, arts, culture – on top of its academic and scientific excellence. It is a unique place to learn, discover, study, engage and exchange, a place where dialogue, fraternity and freedom shall always prevail.”