Arcadia Expeditions specialises in guided historical and cultural journeys to destinations ranging from Pakistan to Uzbekistan. Olivia Palamountain reports

Launched in summer 2020, Arcadia Expeditions is offering its clients access to exclusive, curated experiences led by experts trained to make every element of the trip safe, seamless and rewarding.

“It’s like joining the making of a documentary, but without the camera crew,” says Arcadia Expeditions, with each trip created around a theme, with the aim of “telling a story that has never been told in this type of travel format before”.

This format includes visits to both the well-known sites of a destination and its hidden gems to explore the history, culture and people from a different perspective, with exclusive access to people such as archaeologist Iain Shearer and historian Pierre Asselin, as well as archaeological digs and wildlife habitats.

Each trip has a leadership team of two: an expert on the trip theme to narrate the story of the journey (an academic, author or researcher) plus a local guide who shares their local knowledge, culture and experience to reveal the spirit of their country.Meroe pyramids in the Sahara desert SudanUpcoming tours include “Turkey: Rumi and the World of Mystical Sufism”, “Ethiopia & Kenya: The Cradle of Humanity”, and “Vietnam: The Road to Independence”.

Responsible travel philosophies are built into each of the expeditions. The company says: “We help sustain and preserve communities, cultures and traditions on our travels and offer our travellers plenty of ways to leave lighter footprints and make a positive impact.”

Expeditions are tailored for up to 16 like-minded travellers. Smaller groups afford low-impact, intimate access to the destinations on tour, and allows Arcadia Expeditions to learn more about each traveller’s interests and incorporate them into the experience.

Accommodation throughout is chosen for character and comfort, from five-star properties in major cities to boutique properties and tented camps in more remote areas.

Arcadia Expeditions was created by David Adams, a renowned documentary maker and investigative journalist, and David Mannix, a leading travel industry professional, who became friends in their hometown of Sydney, Australia.

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