Travel After 2020: What Will Tourism Look Like in Our New Reality? is a free trend report that has been co-authored by Globetrender and Euronews, Europe’s leading international news channel.

In a year of extraordinary change, this report identifies six trends, themes and case studies for the future of travel in the viral age and beyond, as well as insights into how to respond for those who work in the industry.

What do the trends we have identified mean for travel and tourism leaders? Just because there is a global pandemic and a climate emergency, it doesn’t mean people have stopped thinking about their own personal needs and happiness.

On the contrary. Although most tourists hate to think that their presence is damaging in anyway, in 2021 and beyond, the priority for most people will be to experience freedom, a change of scene, and time with family and friends.

Support from travel companies will be vital for years to come – whether it is in the form of rigorous hygiene measures, carbon offsetting on the customer’s behalf or guaranteeing fully flexible bookings.

The Conscious Traveller of tomorrow doesn’t want to make sacrifices or be a martyr – they have spent the best part of a year being grounded so it’s important to remind people that travel is a reward they have earned, and that the industry is becoming more responsible on their behalf.

The hope is not just to make travel sustainable, but regenerative.

Jenny Southan, editor and founder of Globetrender says: “Bringing together forecasting from Globetrender and the reach of Euronews, our new co-authored report proves how important collaboration is during these challenging times. After a disappointing summer for tourism, both consumers and the industry are looking towards 2021 with trepidation and hope.

“With many countries still closed or enduring second-wave lockdowns, as in France, people are wondering when travel will get started again. In this report we highlight the rise of the Conscious Traveller who, in the future, will be far more responsible and discerning about the trips they take.

“The six trends we have identified reflect the shifts in motivation for travel that people are experiencing, as well as the restrictions they face in terms of spending time in cities or passing through airports, for example.

“With the new year approaching, there is no more vital time to embrace innovation, think creatively, and engage with the problems we face in a constructive way. Many people want – and are able – to travel, so it’s the role of marketers and communications experts to keep them inspired, reassured and informed.

“Many people can’t predict the future of travel but this is Globetrender’s area of expertise. If any travel company out there wants specific guidance in how to react to the trends in this report, or further insights into the many other trends that will be emerging in the year ahead, then drop me a line”

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