The Sondors MadMods motorbike is a stylish, accessible newcomer to the e-moped market, with an impressive range. Rose Dykins reports

Breakthroughs in the e-mobility industry keep on coming, as tech companies seek solutions to helping people travel more sustainably. Part of the challenge is encouraging widespread adoption of solutions such as e-bikes, particularly when their price point remains too high for mass-consumption.

An encouraging development is the new Sondors MadMods electric motorbike, which combines an impressive battery size with a more accessible price compared with previous e-bike releases.

Starting from US$1,499, the MadMods e-moped is set to launch in spring 2021. Fitted with Sondors’ largest battery to date – at 48 volts and 21 Ah – the bike has a range of 40 to 60 miles before needing to power up – an improvement on its predecessors.

Sondors MadMods e-mopedThe e-bike’s small, nimble frame is combined with powerful 750-watt rear-hub motors that reaches speeds of 28 miles per hour, and thick four-inch tyres with 24-inch wheels (larger than typical electric mopeds).

An attractive feature of MadMods is it can be fully customised. Owners can select their preferred accessory style – retro, café or scrambler – and then add interchangeable seats, bars, tyres and headlights from Sondors.

Globetrender is following the trend for e-mobility solutions closely, particularly for the way that innovations like e-mopeds can transform city environments.

At a time where many city dwellers have stopped commuting to city centres in favour of working remotely, there could be more demand for new urban mobility options that are better suited for shorter trips around people’s local areas – while offering greater agility and cutting out the need to pay for parking a car.

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