Meridian Adventure Sail is a ‘private explorers’ club that arranges ‘leave no trace adventures’ to far-flung corners of the world. Olivia Palamountain reports

Meridian Adventure Sail offers exotic catamaran adventures in unexplored climes combined with all the luxury services and amenities one would expect from a premium sailing trip.

The company is keen to impress that it is not a charter company, but an “exclusive explorers club with esteemed members around the globe”. The operation is built on an environmentally conscious ethos and aims to “leave no trace”.

Every bespoke journey is unique and takes place in far-flung destinations around the world such as Papua New Guinea, Panama and Tahiti, while itineraries can also be arranged closer to home – think Turkey or Greece. Activities on offer include scuba diving, fishing and water sports, plus hiking, excursions and “tribal experiences” on dry land.Meridian Adventure SailFounder and CEO of Meridian Adventure Sail, Sean Galleymore, says: “More than ever we believe that as the world emerges from the isolation brought on by this pandemic, there will be a need for people to reconnect with their employees, clients and family in a more meaningful way and spend ‘outdoor’ time with them.

“Escaping to the most pristine ocean destinations, away from the density of cities throbbing with people, will offer guests the chance to rediscover the wonder of the outdoors whilst take the time to reboot, revive and regenerate relationships.”

He adds: “The world is currently living in a state of separation: we are working harder than ever, yet remotely and apart. At the same time, we have all been inspired by the natural world around us, thankful for its restorative effect.

“A Meridian Adventure Sail journey will enable corporate groups to reunite in a considered way whilst appreciating one of the world’s most exclusive and remote destinations to see ocean life. It will be an experience never to be forgotten.”Meridian Adventure SailOperating a fleet of six sailing catamarans, the voyages are ideal for groups of up to 32 people, along with 24 crew, a support vessel, high-tech dive boats, seated tour boats and dive masters. Activities include snorkelling, scuba diving, night-time paddle boarding, Seabobbing, kayakying and fishing.

This year, the company will be setting sail around Raja Ampat, an Indonesian archipelago off the north-west tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, and one of the most important marine epicentres in the world. It is accessed by private jet directly into Sorong.

This region is known for its vast range of fish and coral species and pristine sailing conditions. Recorded as holding 75 per cent of all known species of ornamental and coral fish in the world, plus exceptionally clear waters, Raja Ampat is a treasure trove for underwater explorers.

Meridian Adventure Sail private club applications and prices are available upon request. Each vessel accommodates six to eight people, with multi-vessel voyages available.

Companies ready to cater to this new breed of sailer include Pelorus, which crafts intrepid itineraries both off and on board that aim to revolutionise yachting, and industry stalwart Intrepid Travel, now offering sustainable, carbon offset adventure voyages.

Eco-credentials feature high on the new priority list too. The arrival of “E”, a new 60ft zero-carbon eco-catamaran that is powered by the sun, sea and wind is just one example of the luxury charter yacht industry evolving to become kinder to the environment.

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