A collaboration between aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Italian supercar designer Pagani has given birth to the futuristic new Infinito cabin. Ready to be installed on ACJ319neo private jets, the highlight will be the innovative “Sky Ceiling” to create a feeling of “airiness and space”.

Although it looks as if the roof of the jet slides back to reveal the clouds, or a glass ceiling has been installed for unimpeded views of the sky, neither of these scenarios is the case. In reality, the ceiling is a long screen that displays what’s above in real-time by strategically placed cameras on the exterior of the plane. (It can also be used to broadcast other media.)Infinito Sky CeilingHoracio Pagani, founder and chief designer of Pagani Automobili SpA, says: “Art and science can walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy. The combination of state-of-the-art composite materials never used before in an aircraft, such as CarboTitanium, with the typical design language of Pagani Automobili, has always represented our signature. Applying our Reinassance touch into the wider spaces of Airbus corporate jet cabins is the beginning of an exciting new venture for us.”

With space for just eight (very rich) customers on board, the Infinito cabin also has a dining room and cinema, and a conference room and lounge, separated by a wall that can turn from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button.

Interiors are inspired by Pagani hypercars, with soft leather upholstery, carbon-fibre furniture, wooden flooring, sculpted metal, mirroring and LED mood lighting.

Airbus Corporate Jets managing director Benoit Defforge says: “In bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds, we enable an elegant and seamless link for customers of both, while bringing a fresh approach to cabin design and satisfying very demanding standards.”

Although it will be some years before regular flyers have the chance of experiencing a Sky Ceiling on commercial planes, it’s exciting to see what the technology is capable of. Airbus has come up with an ambitious concept aircraft with a transparent membrane (among many other dazzling innovations), so sitting back in your seat with a view of the sky is something that could be on the horizon.

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