Richard Branson’s commercial space flight company is looking for new recruits – you must have a strong work ethic, experience in launch vehicle development and be capable of solving complex problems (among other things).

Virgin Galactic is working hard to send paying passengers out of the Earth’s atmosphere, on suborbital spaceflights, and despite a fatal crash last year, is pushing on with making its vision a success.

The company says: “Virgin Galactic will transform access to space for the benefit of life on Earth. To date, 700 men and women from over 50 countries – greater than the total number of humans who have ever been to space – have reserved places to fly on Virgin Galactic’s reusable space launch system, consisting of carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo and spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo.”

There are various jobs being advertised, including roles as a  design engineer to work on a new rocket, a facilities general technician, and launch, software and mechanical engineers.

The position of senior systems analyst – advanced programs, will be working on developing a small-satellite, air-dropped, launch vehicle. Candidates will have a degree in engineering or science, launch vehicle design experience, and “be capable of solving complex problems with little to no supervision”.

As a company, Virgin Galactic says it has: “A relaxed and informal culture that encourages individuality and innovation.” It is looking for candidates that are: “Motivated, enterprising and enthusiastic.”

It adds: “Company culture is such that you need to be able to check your ego at the door, be a self-starter, and possess a sense of humility. You will work well under commercial pressure and thrive on being given challenges and responsibility. You will communicate clearly and be confident and persuasive. You will have a high level of integrity and understand the need of complete confidentiality.”

You can visit the @virgingalactic Twitter page for links to all the jobs advertised.