Launched this summer, Supper is partnering with top-end restaurants to deliver gourmet food to your home, tapping into the on-demand lifestyle trend.

So far 19 London restaurants have signed up to the venture, including Tamarind, Tsunami, Matsuri, Randall and Aubin, Bashan, the Rextail Mayfair Grill, Laya Lina and Zaika. Dishes can all be ordered online from extensive menus.

Food is guaranteed to be delivered within an hour, but users can also order up to seven days in advance (ideal for that dinner party you have scheduled).

Meals are brought to your home or office on specially designed, three-wheel bikes from Japan that have insulated boxes to keep everything warm, and capacity for up to 20 dinners.

Care has also been taken to preserve presentation standards so food doesn’t get spoilt if the driver goes over a bump in the road, something chefs were concerned about.

Supper’s founder is former financial trader Peter Georgiou – he decided to set up the company after he tried to order a meal from Nobu and found he couldn’t get it delivered.

At the moment, availability is only for Zone 1, with delivery costing £5.95 plus a 9 per cent service charge. The average meal for two will cost £80 to £100 (without drinks).

There is also the option to order a small selection of wine and champagne from Berkmann wine cellars – a bottle of non-vintage Veuve Clicquot champagne costs £46.