A futuristic medical spa at the Longevity Health and Wellness hotel in Portugal has opened, where guests can be screened for cancer, check into a sleep clinic and even undergo diabetes reversal and genetic testing. Emily Eastman reports

By 2020, the Global Wellness Institute predicts that wellness tourism will be worth US$800 billion globally. Catering to this burgeoning demand, Longevity Health and Wellness combines “modern integrative and regenerative medicine” coupled with the latest in wellness diagnostics, therapies and programmes to guests who stay at its hotels.

Rather than hoping to simply get a tan and a couple of weeks of R&R from a holiday, more and more people are using it as an opportunity to improve themselves. In this case, dramatically.

A team of on-site professionals at Longevity’s medical spa claim to be able to regenerate your immune system, combat chronic inflammation, rid you of heavy metals, cleanse your gastro-intestinal system and provide comprehensive health checks.

Guests who book a retreat for anything from a few days to a few weeks, can experience clinical upgrades to their bodies. For about 1,500, a three-day retreat can incorporate skin cancer screening or a dental check-up and detox, while those staying 21 days can pay as much as 13,700 for a programme that helps reverse diabetes.

There is also a 28-day obesity bootcamp for those who want to lose weight and recalibate their relationship to food. This will cost more than €23,000.

A wide selection of other reboots are available, including specialised biohacking programmes for hormone optimisation, and cellular and tissue detoxification, as well as regimes focused on cardiovascular repair and prevention, sleep optimisation and metabolism.

Nazir Sacoor, CEO of Longevity Wellness Worldwide, says: “Longevity has learned over the years the wide range of clients’ issues and needs when they are looking for a health and wellness holiday. From younger to older clients, from those who lead healthier lifestyles to those who struggle to maintain a wellness way of life, the needs are quite varied amongst different people and the actual needs of one same person evolve over time.

“Our flagship Longevity Health and Wellness hotel is aimed at being a world class product with 360-degree solutions in health and wellness to meet all such needs.”

The 700-room Longevity Health and Wellness hotel claims that its “wellness DNA” is what sets it apart. Longevity has two operations in the Algarve, both of which focus on wellbeing and in-depth research on worldwide ancient and modern medicine.

At the moment, the property is in “soft opening” mode until November 30, 2019. During this time, guests can swim in the rooftop pool, which has a view of Alvor Bay, sample juices at Pure Cafe by Longevity, book spa treatments, and try the “Longevity Vitality Plan”, which features daily group activities such as yoga and Pilates.

From December, the “Detox and Relax” wet area circuit (Infra-Red Sauna, Hammam, Ice Fountain, Epson Salt Room, Sensations Showers, Indoor heated Himalayas Salt Detox Pool and Indoor Sensation relax pool) will become available.

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