Janu is a wellness hotel brand from Aman that will focus on personal betterment and social connection when it arrives in 2022. Olivia Palamountain reports

Aman, a pioneer of “sanctuary hospitality” for more than 30 years, is set to welcome sister hotel brand Janu in 2022, a proposition that will place wellbeing at its heart (ideal for the post-Covid era). It’s a smart move, given that “health is the new wealth”.

Three Janu properties – in Montenegro, Al Ula in Saudi Arabia and Tokyo – will launch next year with “social wellness” at its core. These will be followed by a “robust pipeline of future hotels” (it is aiming for eight in the first decade).

Janu Montenegro will be the first hotel to incorporate the brand’s serviced residence concept, enabling guests to embrace the Janu lifestyle on a longer-term basis. Janu Montenegro Pool with CabanasSanskrit for “soul” (Aman translates as “peace”), Janu is founded on the belief that true luxury means never having to choose between personal fulfilment and pleasure. With this in mind, Janu hotels are focused on stimulating the mind, body and soul.

Each will feature expansive wellness facilities – think cutting-edge gym equipment and spa treatments – alongside energetic group fitness classes and mindful practice sessions.

Roland Fasel, chief operating officer for Aman, told The Telegraph: “You have the opportunity to do all the spiritual, soul-searching and the mindfulness on one hand, but you have the opportunity, if you want it, to dial into a more lively, community-focussed context too.”Janu MontenegroSocial spaces encompass a mix of dining, lounge and bar areas, designed to foster connection and conviviality, with a culinary vision that looks to contemporary trends and ancient techniques, such as low-temperature cooking and fermentation, with dramatic open kitchens and lively counter-top displays.

A conscious mindset and sustainable approach is central to Janu’s ethos, and evident throughout, from the development and operation of the resorts to food and beverage.

Under the leadership of chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin, the Aman brand has grown to 32 hotels in 20 countries, with nine under construction and a strong pipeline in place. Janu Montenegro LobbyHe says: “The overlap between Aman and its sibling is mutually beneficial; together they offer a total solution for the fluctuating needs and desires of today’s global travel cognoscenti. We saw a white space in the market, and we want to push the hotel industry into a new sphere.

“What with today’s modern fast-paced society, which has seen human connection and communication redefined by the digital world, we wanted to create a new hotel brand with a soul and with the aim of kick-starting human interaction again.”Janu Montenegro Guest RoomAccording to The Telegraph, Janu hotels will be larger than Aman properties, with up to 150 rooms (by comparison, the largest Aman hotel is Tokyo, with 84 rooms), and with smaller bedrooms – an average of 42 sqm, compared with the smallest room in the Aman New York, which is 64 sqm.

Prices will reflect this – stays at Janu will be “more affordable” than at Aman hotels, where entry-level rooms are typically US$1,000 a night or more.

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