Members of US ‘workspace collective’ NeueHouse can now work from select Design Hotels, as well as gain access to cultural and wellness events. Erica Jamieson reports

NeueHouse members can now gain access to a selection of properties and events programming, courtesy of Design Hotels. The company, with a collection of over 300 independent, design-driven hotels in 200 counties, will open its doors to NeueHouse remote workers, in a move that sees the hospitality industry reinventing hotel spaces during Covid-19.

“Pivoting in the face of major disruption to the hospitality industry, the collaboration between NeueHouse and Design Hotels reinforces their shared missions to support the creative communities with an innovative offering for members to use the spaces for both work and leisure”, says NeueHouse in a statement.Design Hotels, Hotel JuneNeueHouse members can now work from the common areas of ten Design Hotel properties in the New York and California areas. They may also attend cultural and arts programming, typically reserved for Design Hotel members and hotel guests, including sound healing, breath classes, interactive art and writing workshops, mindfulness meditation and artisanal craft courses. Design Hotels, Hotel JuneFeatured properties include the Twelve Senses Resort in Encinitas, California, with an in-house wellness program that offers yoga, sound bath, “Theta Healing”, and “Body Mind Transformational Coaching”. Guests can book a room for the night, or the entire estate including all meals.

In and around Los Angeles, members can choose between the Avalon Beverly Hills, Avalon Palm Springs, Santa Monica Proper Hotel, and the newly opened Hotel June (pictured). Design Hotels, Hotel June Design Hotels, Hotel JuneNew York City NeueHouse members can enjoy day-use rooms at the Ludlow, Crosby Street hotel, and the Whitby for a special rate. Those seeking escape from the city can travel two hours north to Troutbeck, a creative hub once visited by Mark Twain and Teddy Roosevelt.Design Hotels, TroutbeckMembers will also receive discounted rates for private workspaces, retreats and staycations at these properties, along with 200 other hotels from the Design Hotels portfolio. Benefits access and details are found via the NeueHouse app.

“The confluence of work, leisure, social, intellectual and creative moments has fundamentally evolved over the past seven months. Meeting all of these needs for members and guests requires constructive thinking and partnering with people and brands who share an appreciation for bold thinking,” says Josh Wyatt, CEO of NeueHouse.

“Making moves together between NeueHouse and Design Hotels highlights this commitment to providing for the myriad of needs all of us now have as creative professionals and lovers of travel,” he adds.Design Hotels, TroutbeckNeueHouse operates three co-working spaces in Bradbury and Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Madison Square, New York City. Membership options, starting at US$595 per month, or US$900 for those requiring a permanent desk, offer a “private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators, and thought leaders”.

Perks include access to a complete member-directory, in-house exhibitions, speakers, and performances, mail services, production equipment, and restaurant and bar fare. Higher membership tiers include private shower facilities, concierge services, and a wellness room.

Additional locations in Venice Beach and Miami, Florida, are slated for early 2021.

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