Complete with shower, toilet and disappearing bed, the self-sufficient iSmove from Niesmann+Bischoff is an RV fit for the next generation of motorhome owners. Rose Dykins reports

Targeted at a younger generation of aspiring glampervan drivers, German company Niesmann+Bischoff has launched a premium vehicle ideal for heading out into the countryside or exploring the wilderness.

The company says the selling point of its iSmove model is its compact size, combined with more interior features than before. For first-time glampervan owners, it aims to provide an accessible, easy-to-manoeuvre vehicle that answers the call of those looking to spontaneously hit the open road and escape from city life.

“With the new iSmove, we have maximised premium quality by focusing on the essentials with a host of clever features,” says Hubert Brandl, managing director of Niesmann+Bischoff. “The result is a new motorhome for a new generation of customers who want to make the most out of every moment of their lives.”

NIESMANN+BISCHOFF - Smove vanAs it is relatively light, at 3.5 tonnes, the iSmove can be driven by those with a standard driving license (any vehicle heavier than this requires a higher category of license). According to Niesmann+Bischoff: “Calls for a premium motorhome weighing less than 3.5 tonnes have been growing louder in recent years as a result.”

Despite its nimble design, the van has ample space at the rear for bikes and surfboards, and has interior features that would normally be found in a larger model. Niesmann+Bischoff came up with seven new innovations, all of which have been trademarked by the company.

These include an electrically operated lifting kitchen shelf, a rotating, belted bench seat, a lifting bed that completely disappears in the ceiling and a sliding mechanism that doubles the usable space for the shower and WC.

NIESMANN+BISCHOFF - Smove vanThe clean lines and minimal vibe of the iSmove appeal firmly to the millennial market. Glass panels control the spotlights in the anthracite ceiling, adding to the sense that this is a contemporary take on the traditional caravan.NIESMANN+BISCHOFF - Smove vanThe van is also geared up to be a truly mobile home, so that it can travel self-sufficiently for several days without needing to stop at a campsite or refuel.

NIESMANN+BISCHOFF - Smove vanIt has a sizeable 50-litre engine, a 100-litre water tank that holds enough drinking water for a few days and a powerful 100 Ah lithium cabin battery, as well as an optional 125-Watt solar panel with an MPPT solar controller.

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