The rugged Bedrock XT2 represents a new frontier in luxury off-grid travel and living, with Starlink optimisation and solar-powered electrics. Olivia Palamountain reports

Krug Expedition, an Austrian company renowned for crafting world-class expedition vehicles, has launched the Bedrock XT2, the company’s most powerful and capable travel rig to date.

A collaboration with polar transport experts, Arctic Trucks, Bedrock XT2 is a unique expedition grade truck made especially for the US market.

Now available in the US for the first time, the six-wheeled camper combines extreme off-road capabilities with deluxe living space and hi-tech gadgets, at a starting price of US$690,000.
Krug Expeditions - Bedrock XT2The vehicle’s living module is designed for comfort and functionality during long-distance journeys and can be fully customised in a wide range of materials.

It includes a king-size bed, a convertible dinette, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a separating toilet and full shower. The module is constructed using reinforced sandwich panels for superior insulation and performance.

An al fresco kitchen can also be integrated into the underfloor storage boxes, offering a convenient and enjoyable cooking experience in the great outdoors.

Bedrock XT2 owners can stay connected with Starlink and watch movies on Smart TVs installed in both the dinette and cabover areas. Additional options include a hydronic heating system for colder climates and the Nomadic Cooling X3 Air Conditioner for hot weather exploration.Krug Expeditions - Bedrock XT2One of the Bedrock XT2’s standout features is its solar-powered electrical system, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for all onboard systems.

The fresh water supply to the kitchen’s drinking water tap, meanwhile, is filtered using the advanced General Ecology Seagull IV-X2 system that ensures the effective removal of chemical and visible contaminants.

The next layer of water treatment incorporates a state-of-the-art UV LED unit, designed to instantly eradicate any residual bacteria or viruses that may have bypassed previous filtration stages as soon as water is drawn.

Krug Expedition’s CEO, Slawa Knorr, says: “The Bedrock XT2 is the result of years of extensive testing and customer feedback, resulting in our most capable vehicle ever. It was specifically built with expedition travel and truck enthusiasts in mind.”

The Bedrock XT2 launch marks a significant step for Krug Expedition as they seek to capitalise on growing demand from US consumers for high-end, off-grid capable vehicles.