Bowlus Road Trip’s ‘Endless Highways Performance Edition’ RV is a fully customisable, wifi-enabled glampervan with a hot water shower and Bluetooth power system. Erica Jamieson reports

With US holidaymakers still barred from a number of EU and other international destinations, Bowlus Road Chief’s latest RV is aimed at high end travellers seeking domestic adventure.

Individually handcrafted in California, each Endless Highways Performance Edition RV sleeps a maximum of four people, with over 6ft of internal clearance for easy maneuverability. Large skylights let in light during the day, and a chance for stargazing at night.

Chrome and teak finishes, LED lighting, alternate heating and cooling systems, and heated floors throughout maintain comfort and class. To make each miniature home unique, color schemes, upholstery choices, and all other finishes can be personalised, with over 56 million possible combinations.Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition RVThe galley kitchen features ample storage and shelving, a fridge, freezer and microwave, a two-burner Italian stovetop, and stainless steel counters and sink.

In the bedroom, twin beds can be converted to a single king size with a memory foam topped mattress, next to a night stand and tablet mount. A sofa and armchair in the living area fold down to make additional sleeping berths.Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition RVThe bathroom houses yours and mine closets, a medicine cabinet, and full length mirror. A separate shower with closing doors extends outside, and runs continuous hot water.

Aircraft-strength aluminium clads the trailer’s exterior, forming Bowlus Road Chief’s patented pointed bullet shape. Fender skirts can be personalised with the owner’s name. A picnic table folds into a side compartment, and a propane outlet allows for al fresco cooking.

The performance Edition’s 600-amp hour, 7,680-watt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery – more commonly found in yachts than RVs – recharges in only four hours, and can support two nights of AC cooling on one charge.Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition RVDon’t mind the heat, and Bowlus Road Chief estimates that, with typical usage, power will last for two weeks of off-grid adventuring. For an extra fee, owners can extend this with the addition of a 120W solar panel.

In case of emergency, an external 110V outlet can charge a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle for up to 16 miles.

The RV’s entire power management system is connected online and via Bluetooth, so that levels may be adjusted at the touch of a finger, even from a distance. Each unit houses an additional cellular booster, router, and wifi network, to keep owners connected to the wider world.

As Geneva Long, Bowlus CEO told Gear Junkie: “Technology only exists to better our owners’ experiences, to allow them to adventure in a way only a Road Chief can.”Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition RVStarting at US$225,000, the Endless Highways Performance Edition is not cheap. Nonetheless, Bowlus Road Chief is currently experiencing 4.5-times the number of product inquiries as is typical, due to the pandemic’s impacts on travel.

“The trend at the forefront for off-the-grid luxury travelers is the ability to enjoy complete flexibility and fluidity with their plans,” Geneva Long told Robb Report.

“This means a safe, seamless and luxurious transition from home to their destination. Our customers seek something as finely executed as their homes that offer a silent, pure space for sleep, leisure, working, and homeschooling.”

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