As working from home turns to working from anywhere, the GlamperRV delivers a luxury office on wheels for digital nomads looking to hit the road again. Sam Ballard reports

Taking the #vanlife trend to the next level, the GlamperRV is being touted as the answer for business people who need to travel for work but who want to avoid hotels because of the pandemic. It will be ideal for domestic trips, especially in countries such as the US.

The GlamperRV Business Line, a luxury RV that costs up to £75,000 when fully fitted out, comes with “business class facilities” including a large central desk, LED lighting, bathroom, multiple USB charging points, mobile wifi, Nespresso coffee machine, large fridge freezer, blackout blinds and plug sockets without the need for an electric hook up, courtesy of a powerful in-built inverter.

The vehicle, which measures 7.39 metres long and 2.33 metres wide, also has “garage” storage for bikes, a full kitchen, separate bedroom with double bed and an en suite shower room.

There are options to further customise the GlamperRV Business Line, including by adding large flat screens or air conditioning in the living space. You can also add an exterior gas outlet so that guests can fire up a barbecue.

Lucy Caillé, the managing director of GlamperRV, says: “Working from home looks set to become the ‘new normal’ for many business people as a result of Covid-19. Finding the right long-term solution for home working is now high on the agenda for many people – along with a safer overnight option for when we do need to travel to meetings and work away from home post lockdown, without the need to share facilities or stay in a hotel.

“It’s also an ideal solution for those who will need to return to work-away commuting a few days a week at business class standards. Thousands of pubs, farms and even vineyards across the country, in addition to the more traditional campsites, already offer overnight parking for RV campers.

GlamperRV“When holidaying re-starts, our GlamperRV Business Line offers comfort, luxury and style for weekends away or adventurous touring holidays for grown-ups or family trips.”

Another company that is embracing the concept of mobile living is Dave & Matt Vans. The US-based company has created more than 100 custom-builds for those wanting to readdress their work-life balance.

A van takes about one to two weeks to fully customise. The company also sells completed vans for about US$60,000.

The concept of remote working is one that has been reported on extensively within Globetrender. With Covid-19 closing offices down around the world, more and more companies are now discovering that their workforce can work from anywhere.

To capitalise on this trend, Barbados unveiled a 12 month working visa for “digital nomads” who have discovered that they no longer need to be based in an office.

The visa would allow people “to come and work from here overseas, digitally so, so that persons don’t need to remain in the countries in which they are”, said Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. “You can come here and work for a couple months at a time; go back and come back,” she said.

The visas are priced at US$2,000 per person or US$3,000 for families.

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