The Deco Travel jumpsuit by Italian designer Marta Scarampi is the perfect outfit for flying, or just getting an Uber, during the pandemic. Sam Ballard reports

The new Travel Deco jumpsuit from Italian fashion designer Marta Scarampi could be the answer for anyone feeling nervous about getting back on a plane as we emerge from lockdown.

Designed as a coverall that is worn over your clothes, the full body jumpsuit is worn for the duration of your journey – whether on a plane or for short rides in a taxi – and then taken off at your door. The outfit is then placed in a dust-bag where it can be left for a few days, which experts believe will kill the virus. In total it costs £364.

Marta Scarampi Travel Deco jumpsuitThe Deco Travel Collection was inspired by a trip that Lucia Scarampi took from Rome to New York in April to be reunited with her husband. Her sister and business partner, Marta, developed the idea to help ease her anxieties over travel.

“Flying was a completely surreal experience—there were nine people on the plane from Rome to New York,” Lucia says. “Wearing something that was all one piece, I felt really protected. You’re completely wrapped up.”Marta Scarampi Travel Deco jumpsuitThe Deco Travel Collection is available as either individual pieces or as a full set, consisting of a jumpsuit, mask and travel bag. Each piece is waterproof and made from a lightweight silk blend material.

“Our idea is that you can travel in something that you can then just take off when you arrive, and be ready,” Lucia told Fast Company. “I used it on a plane, but you could also just use it for your commute, on the train or subways or in an Uber.”

The garment isn’t the only item that has been created specifically for the needs of a new Covid-19 world.

LA-based creative studio Production Club created a hazmat suit called Micrashell that is catered for party-goers who want to stay safe during the pandemic.

“The Micrashell was born from concern for our community, and concern about reckless social behaviour,” Miguel Risueño, the studio’s head of inventions, told design and architecture website Dezeen.

“After witnessing the events industry fall into an unprecedented recession, and seeing large groups of people ignore social distancing directives in order to go out and party, we felt obligated to address both issues and find a solution that benefited all,” he added.

Another innovative piece of clothing that has been released during lockdown is the Biohoodie by G95. The garment includes a face covering that can filter out more germs than an N95 mask.

The man behind G95, Carlton Solle, told Globetrender that the hoodie gave its wearer a “halo of protection” as the designers have “placed our one of kind filtration in the entire hood”.

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