Anti-viral fashion is set to be big. Setting the trend is G95, which has designed a Biohoodie that has an integrated mask to filter out Covid. Samuel Ballard reports

A new light-weight hoodie from a US technical outerwear company called G95 features a built-in anti-bacterial mask that could help protect against coronavirus.

The maker of the Biohoodie claims that it can filter out more germs than an N95 mask (an official classification which means the mask filters out 95 per cent of airborne particles) and has been used by people with conditions including cancer, autoimmune disorders and allergies. It has even been used to protect people from wildfire smoke. G95 BiohoodieHow does it achieve this? G95 has created a filter for the Biohoodie that combines two different systems and added a nanofiltration layer, which manages to block out 99.75 per cent of particles larger than 0.1 microns. (Covid-19 particles are about 0.124 microns.)

The Biohoodie is also washable, with the company estimating that a wearer can get 50 washes out of it before the system’s efficiency begins to decrease.

However, with advice for reusable masks being to wash them after every use, this suggests that you could only wear the hoodie every day for about two months before it stopped offering the same level of protection. (G95 recommends using its own-brand Biowash.)

The man behind G95, Carlton Solle, told Globetrender that the hoodie gave its wearer a “halo of protection” as the designers have “placed our one of kind filtration in the entire hood”.G95 BiohoodieHe said: “All our gear is designed to look, feel and function like normal apparel but with protection built-in. It’s something you can wear pretty much everywhere and have that comfort and protection wherever and whenever you need it.”

The mask was initially created after Solle got sick after travelling to China, either on the plane or by air pollution. The doctor advised that he wear a mask and the idea for G95 was born.

The hoodie was then developed to protect its wearer from the effects of pollution such as smog, and allergens including pollen and mould. However, it’s the anti-viral properties that most people will be interesting in during the Covid-19 pandemic.

G95 is a big advocate of sustainability and makes all of its warm weather gear out of hemp and its cold weather gear out of recycled plastic bottles. It is currently developing what it claims to be the world’s first sustainable single-use mask.

Those who want to bag a Biohoodie might have to wait, however. G95 is currently only taking pre-orders while it makes its next batch of gear. It’s retailing for US$129.

The company has also produced a Bioscarf, Biogoggles and a Bioblanky.

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