Newcomer Aero wants to bridge the gap between commercial and private aviation, with semi-private jets for up to 15 strangers – or friends, family and colleagues. Rose Dykins reports

Developed by Silicon Valley incubator Expa, jet charter provider Aero intends to disrupt the aviation industry by bridging the gap between private and commercial flights and make air travel more of an experience, rather than a journey from A to B.

By offering direct flights between private aviation terminals rather than commercial airports, Aero helps passengers escape the crowds and waiting times – something that will be appealing to those travelling during a pandemic.

On Aero’s custom-designed “semi-private” ERJ135 jets, passengers share the cabin with a maximum of 15 other people. The planes are designed to be used by groups of families and friends for leisure travel, harking back to a more glamorous “golden era of travel”.

Aero TribeX-Aero-8Meanwhile, a dedicated concierge team is on hand to support passengers through the booking process, and to make sure any specific requirements are met – be it travelling with a pet, or passengers celebrating a special occasion.

This bespoke service is also helpful for passengers navigating the hurdles introduced by travelling during the Covid-19 era, such as filling in relevant health declaration forms and understanding regional travel restrictions.

Aero TribeX-Aero-8The fresh interiors of Aero’s jets were fitted this year – with state-of-the art lighting and sound systems. To maximise passenger wellbeing and safety, Aero’s crew wear face masks throughout the flight, and a contactless food and drink service is on offer.

Each jet has a “first class” seat configuration with two seats per row, separated by an aisle. This means each seat has both window and aisle access – they also have 43 inches of leg room and are upholstered with premium leather.

Aero says it had a “successful” summer in 2020, operating flights from London to Ibiza, Mykonos and Nice. The company is now also offering a private charter service across Europe – bookable via Aero’s website – and new destinations within the US will be announced next month.

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