American cruise company Royal Caribbean is searching for a summer Instagram intern to show off how amazing its voyages are. Hannah Hastings reports

With applications submitted via Instagram, the winner of the Royal Caribbean “Intern-Ship of the Seas” competition will be responsible for capturing and uploading images on to the company’s Instagram page while travelling on board three different cruises over three weeks. They will also receive a prize of £3,000, plus food, drink, accommodation, flights and expenses.

The role was created after a recent survey of 2,000 people by Royal Caribbean revealed how social media has become a major influence in the way people research and book their holidays.

The stats showed that 48 per cent of holidaymakers said they relied on social media platforms for inspiration, while 37 per cent said seeing their friends’ posts from abroad encouraged them to plan their own holiday. More than a third (34 per cent) claim they wouldn’t even consider visiting a destination without first consulting social media.

Royal Caribbean’s managing director of the UK and Ireland, Ben Bouldin, said: “When it comes to choosing a holiday, we know social media plays a crucial role in the decision making process for consumers. Knowledge and personalisation are the key to converting that idea into an actual cruise holiday, which is the crucial role our agents play.”

He added: “Royal Caribbean has a fleet of 25 ships visiting over 250 destinations around the world, meaning our holidays are positively teeming with extraordinary moments. In a first for the cruise industry, we’re looking for a talented storyteller to capture those moments and bring them to the world via Instagram.”

A panel of judges including Bouldin, Travel Weekly editor, Lucy Huxley and travel blogger Johnny Ward (who is about to become the youngest person to visit every country in the world) will select the Royal Caribbean “Intern-Ship” winner based on a range of specific elements and skills required such as storytelling, originality and visual appeal.

Ward said: “I have created a living out of my travel stories but social media is positively teeming with budding storytellers out there looking for a big break.”

Although entries to the competition have now closed, it is interesting to see how easy it was for Royal Caribbean to set up. All people had to do was post a photo they were proud of, and tag it with @RoyalCaribbeanUK and #ExtradorinaryExplorer.

According to Royal Caribbean, the skills candidates will require include knowledge of all 23 Instagram filters, and an “exemplary ability to capture stunning views, extraordinary experiences, beautiful sunsets and amazing stories”.

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