The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), a UK-based technology innovation centre, has revealed a new concept plane with no windows.

Instead, the cabin walls and even the ceilings are coated in curved, high-definition screens that display images of the world outside. This would give the impression the body of the aircraft was transparent.

CPI says: “The days of glimpsing the world through a tiny plastic porthole when you fly are soon to be a thing of the past; future aircrafts will offer a crystal clear panoramic view without any windows at all.

“Users in any seat will be able to select views from any side of the aircraft. Images would be relayed from a series of cameras mounted on the fuselage, potentially giving each display an uninterrupted view of the exterior (avoiding the wings and engines).

“As well as surrounding passengers with a panoramic view of the skies, this interactive ‘digital wallpaper’ will allow travellers to personalise their environment, providing options to adjust lighting or change the view. It could also be used as a multimedia device for in-flight entertainment.”

The company also claims the technology would allow the aircraft to be lighter, saving on fuel (the heavier the plane, the more fuel it burns), as without windows, the fuselage would be stronger, and consequently could be built thinner.