Guests will be able to channel their inner rock god at Chateau Denmark, a new music-inspired hotel opening next year with apartments and ‘maxi-bars’. Olivia Palamountain reports

Soho’s rock ‘n’ roll heritage will be brought to life at Chateau Denmark, a hotel slated to open in London’s Soho next year.

Once home to the Sex Pistols and where the Stones recorded “Not Fade Away” and their first album, Denmark Street has played host to Hendrix, Clapton, Dylan, Bowie and perhaps most arguably, Ziggy Stardust.

The new hotel has been born out of a collaboration between media group Outernet Global and “hospitality personality” Carrie Wicks’ CAW Ventures.

It will comprise 55 suites, apartments and “session rooms” set across 16 properties in and around Denmark Street, one of few thoroughfares in central London to have retained its original 17th-century façades on both sides. Many of the buildings will be restored and renovated to their former glory.TIMELESS GRANDEUR at Chateau DenmarkInteriors are from design studio Taylor Howes and will reference the wild days of the punk and rock music scenes, with some Victorian Gothic grandeur and psychedelic 60s and 70s aesthetics thrown in to the mix.PUNK NOW room at Chateau DenmarkIn the punky spirit of “live fast, die young”, mini bars will be replaced with maxi-bars to encourage revelry and mischief.

Carrie Wicks, of CAW Ventures, explains: “By the time we open next year, more than ever people will need to have it their way, connecting however they wish. In 2021, together we’ll present the next chapter of staying up or waking up in London.”MODERN PSYCHEDELIA room at Chateau DenmarkCAW Ventures develops and produces hospitality experiences through operational partnerships and collaborative project management services. Recent projects include the relaunch of Mayfair members club, Annabel’s.

Outernet Global is best known in London for the Now Building in Tottenham Court Road. This forms the main hub of its immersive spaces that will launch in 2021 as a network of immersive districts, including Chateau Denmark. This will offer visitors and advertisers a schedule of content, entertainment and events across music, fashion, sports and the arts.

Chateau Denmark looks set to continue the trend identified by Globetrender for hybrid home-hotels, where guests are offered the perks of apartment living with the comfort of a hotel. It also comes at a time when Universal Music Group has announced a new chain of music-themed hotels called UMUSIC, suggesting another new trend is taking off.

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