From Germaphobia to Isolation Vacations, there will be nothing even near “normal” about the turbulence we face in the year ahead, says travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender as it unveils its new trend report Travel In The Age Of Covid-19.

Sponsored by premium travel consultancy The PC Agency and travel data analysts Cirium, the report (which is free to download) reveals ten trends that will define post-lockdown travel, from Germaphobia and Isolation Vacations to Airline Hunger Games and Involuntary Undertourism.

Running at 50 pages, it also shares interviews with industry thought-leaders who reveal their insights and predictions for the years ahead, as well as innovator case studies, airline and tourism data, and deep-dive features on Gen Z, the luxury market and travel publishing. Plus 25 ideas for a new world order.

Moving from a collective pause to getting back to business will be challenging, but Globetrender’s new provides some of the answers to the uncertainty affecting travel and the wider global community as lockdowns ease.

Jenny Southan, editor and founder of Globetrender, says: “Commentators are talking about the ‘new normal’ but there is nothing normal about the turbulence we face in the year ahead. There will be recessions to contend with, unemployment and the complete rewiring of expectations for urban living.

“Ultimately there will be clarity, opportunity and betterment to be gained as well as space for creative thinkers to innovate their way out of problems.”

The report covers topics including the outlook for airlines and how traffic will return in the coming years; passport-free holidays and the desire for domestic tourism; the concept of germaphobia and the extreme hygiene measures hotels and airlines will need to put in place to restore public confidence; and how nature tourism and wilderness seeking will thrive as we search for fresh air.

Other trends featured include isolation vacations; anti-viral arrivals and the rise of tracing apps; and the increasing need for flexibility and immediate refunds if travel brands are to retain loyalty.

Paul Charles, CEO of The PC Agency, says: “During lockdowns, we’ve all had time to rethink our lives, needs and priorities. As many people and companies reset in 2020, we’re going to have to get used to major change which will not only be refreshing but also beneficial longer-term.”

Jeremy Bowen, CEO of Cirium, says: “As much as companies might wish we had a crystal ball to see how the travel industry will look in 2030 or 2050, forecasting is never an exact science. However, analysing patterns in historical data enables analysts to detect trends and forecast outcomes that could occur at specific times and within certain parameters.”

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