Globetrender speaks with Rosalind Milani Gallieni, founder of Jet Candy, about how her new travel kit will be essential for flights in the age of contagion and the secret powers of homeopathy to fight jet lag.

What is Jet Candy?

Jet Candy is a 100 per cent natural, homeopathic remedy developed to help combat jet lag. As well as allowing the internal body clock to function during long-haul travel, Jet Candy helps with dehydration, disorientation, fatigue, mental sharpness and other symptoms associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythms, thereby leaving the jet setter feeling refreshed and clear-headed on arrival.

Why is it innovative?

I started Jet Candy as a very frequent flyer. It is natural and made from five natural ingredients, designed as an antidote to the deleterious effects of jet lag, including arnica (derived from a flower similar to a sunflower), cocculus (a woody shrub), gelsemium (a climbing plant with yellow flowers) and bellis perennis (the common daisy). It is little disruptive in that it is introducing homeopathy to a bigger audience.

What products do you offer for fighting jet lag?

  • Mini Jet Candy (enough for four international flights) £5.50
  • Executive Jet Candy (for eight to ten international flights) £14.99  Jet Candy

What is your connection with homeopathy?

I have always had an interest in homeopathy and the benefits that it can bring. But it was my niece’s graduation in LA some 15 years ago that served as the catalyst for creating what has become Jet Candy. I was travelling from London and wanted to do whatever I could to avoid jet lag, and I was also loathed to take harsh prescription medication.

I could find no simple, healthy, and natural solution on the market, and so I visited one of London’s most renowned homeopaths to concoct a bespoke remedy. The result was astounding and so easy to take. I was immediately captivated by its effectiveness. I arrived in LA, fresh as a rose, with none of the ill effects associated with an eight-hour difference in time zones.

Thereafter, I would offer this remedy to friends and family, who reported similarly positive benefits – and delighted to have gotten rid of the anxiety and worry of jet lag. I was working in Formula One Racing too at the time, so for all our globetrotting colleagues, from paddock to circuit, it was a resounding success.

Demand grew and grew, until three years ago, when I felt it was time to make Jet Candy official and make it more widely available to an international public. The response to date has been positive and it is heartening to think that, perhaps, jet lag will soon be a thing of the past, with one small change to your travel routine.

How have you pivoted in your product offering since the coronavirus pandemic took hold?

Previously, Jet Candy was only available as either our full-size Executive pack or as our business-only branded Mini pack. However, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we are now introducing additional elements with the ready-go Jet Candy pack to include the all-important anti-bacterial elements.

What does the new Jet Candy Travel & Safety Kit contain? How much does it cost?

When it launches in July, the Jet Candy Travel & Safety Kit will come in the form of a neoprene pouch containing white gloves, a Jet Candy face mask made from water-repellent poly-satin, a Jet Candy Executive and Mini remedies, a bamboo toothbrush, 50ml Jet Candy HandSan cream and gel, and a code for the in-flight travel assistant App in the Air (and app to keep track of itineraries, boarding passes and frequent flyer programmes). It will cost £49.99 plus postage.Jet Candy

How do you think flying will change in the age of coronavirus?

It will have to entail a lot more consideration for passengers’ well-being. We will see spacing in the seating layout, highly improved and thorough cleaning and disinfecting, improved air filtering systems and more ‘impersonal’ check-in modes, which the App in the Air offers, and clever in-terminal systems to keep human interaction to a minimum.

A travel plan in future will be preceded by the thought: “Why go? Do I have to go?” rather than our previous attitude of “let me book a flight and I will see you tomorrow”. The lockdown period has proven to us that we do not need to travel as much as we used to.

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